I used to think I had disobedient hair, and well I kinda still think it’s disobedient. But my hair and I have come to such a great understanding this last few months – we are, dare I say – “friends” now?

natural hair curl talkI started a natural hair journey a few months ago, partly to love the skin I am in with all its kinks and unruliness. Partly because I have a beautiful impressionable young daughter who is picking up on my stinky self-hating habits. I was fortunate enough to be inspired by Shavon and her brain child Curl Talk to take myself and my curls more seriously. After the first event – I was blown away by the simple little changes one could make that would just make your life sooooo much easier.

If you are considering going natural, struggling with transitioning over to natural, doing or have done a big chop. Then this talk is FOR YOU! Since the first Curl Talk I have been privileged enough to get to know the Curl Talk team. What an awesome bunch of ladies, of which recently I have become a part! Becoming natural has changed so many things for me. These things include the way I see myself, and the way people are starting to see me too. It shows that I now accept who I am. I know what you are thinking is that even possible? PleaseΒ test my theory and find out!

Curl Talk Round 2 is themed Crown and Glory, and promises to be bigger and better than the first one.I am so excited I could pop. The lineup for this event contains talks on the big chop, transitioning, dreads and how to take care of them, and C4 hair styling. The goodie bags and sponsors are also bigger and better. They include Mal’stones, Queen M Style, Faithful to Nature, Swimma caps and many more!!

For more details on this event go to their FB page Curl Talk. Like and follow the page for tips on hair care, support and advice from girls who think just like you do about your hair.


I have two tickets to give to one lucky reader for the Curl Talk event happening this Saturday 06 May! You can thank me later! There are tons of ways to enter, just follow the prompts below.


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In the meantime –Β what do you love about your natural hair?

4 Comments on My hair and I are finally seeing eye to eye!

  1. Hate my hair so much! Contemplated ‘going natural’, but goodness, not sure I can deal. Would have loved to enter to attend the talk, but my daughter is playing hockey on Saturday.

    • Aaaahhhh there will be more talks! You definitely should come oh my word it has changed my life!! Lots more coming from this group!

  2. If I try to blow out my hair, it’s disobedient from the start. I’ve been natural because I couldn’t cope with all that drama. Since I joined the curly group on Facebook, I learned that the natural journey is another level – it’s not just wash and go. I still have a lot to learn. Enjoy the next Curly Show

    • Thanks Mel! Me too re all that drama… TOTALLY and in my head I thought it was cheaper but natural products can get so expensive. Its hectic. Also have tons to learn still!

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