This past week I was invited to attend the launch of Baby DoveΒ South Africa, in Cape Town. Of course, I was extremely excited. Not only is my family already in love with Dove as a brand but Daniel has an eczema prone skin. And thus far none of the baby products on the market have fully met our needs for him. I went with a heart full of great expectations.

baby dove launch

I was not disappointed. The first half of the launch we sat down and talked to a panel of real moms, they shared stories of judgement, guilt and the lonely road of motherhood. I had misty eyes throughout. As you know I am one of those overly emotional people in general but motherhood tends to strike nerves within my being. I myself being so guilty of trying to be perfect needed to hear those stories, and be reminded that I am not alone.

Such a cool #paneldiscussion with #babydovesa this morning! #realmoms #trustyourway #doyou β™‘

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Baby Dove believes there are no perfect moms. Only real ones.

We got to talking about “trusting our own way” and what that means to each of us. It made me think so much. How often do we doubt what we know to be right for our babies? I’ve said before that I believe that we are each given unique insight into our own children. The knowledge, patience, strength and all round knowing what is best for the child given to you. We were asked to write a wish for all mothers on a little blue dove. Some of the wishes made me want to grab a notepad and just make notes because the truths that came from that session. Wow just wow! They are all on social media under the tag #BabyDoveSA if you would like to check them out too!

My wish for every mom! To trust yourself and believe that you KNOW what’s right for your baby! #trustyourway #BabyDoveSA

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One that stood out – “Pick your battles” – Laverne Botha from Shell Shocked Mummy spoke about her journey and how she started out wanting to be perfect. She has adjusted her expectations of herself to suit her reality. I LOVE IT. She said sometimes she needs to not upset her daughter and herself fighting trying to get greens into her. If nuggets make her happy. Nuggets make her happy. Hats off to you Laverne, I can relate and will be picking my battles in the future!

The second half of the launch was spent going through some of the science and testing that went into this product. So much thought has gone into every aspect of how this product was designed – from the packaging shape, material and design. Which is user friendly and baby proof. All the way through to how this product is different from the leading competitors.

I have already started using these products on DJ and will be doing a review on the blog soon! YAY! First impressions are WOW, and excited. I like the look, feel behind this range. But I absolutely LOVE how much time Baby Dove has spent embedding REAL motherhood into this product range and am so excited to be able to share this with you!

In the meantime – Do you trust your own way? Does this slogan speak to your being, as much as it does to me?Β Β If you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends using my links below. And follow me on my handles – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, because I know you are cool like that!


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  1. I trust my own guilt but sometimes the guilt still shows up. Like the fact that I do not have a bed routine for my child. Sigh. I love Laverne’s approach πŸ™‚ There are just some veggies your kid won’t like. Lovely post Vee

  2. I am looking forward to trying out some of the products in range once it’s on the shelf, I have seen a lot of commentating on this launch on social Media😊 My 8 month old is also prone to eczema and we only use epimax currently for bathing and moisturizing. Keen to try out out this range. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

    • Hi Cherralle, it is already available on the shelves at Baby City and possibly Baby Boom. I have been using the sensitive body wash, and lotion and rich moisture shampoo and have been impressed so far. I am still going to do a full review. But we haven’t had any breakouts or dry spots yet. Thus far we have even had better moisturised than before. We also only used Epimax. Hope that it helps you and your little one! xx

  3. Adam is the only child of mine that refuses to drink water…thanks to his coke loving granny. The older kids don’t love water, but I get it in…. I reckon Adam won’t be a headstrong toddler for long and eventually I will be able to force him to drink water too. lol. I definitely am a firm believer in picking my battles at this stage.

    Sounds like an amazing event πŸ˜‰

    • LOL! Definitely something to learn from! It was lovely – I am getting uber excited to share what we learnt about the products in my review! xx

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