Co-sleeping has received A LOT of flack of the years, and although I was very aware of the dangers we opted for it for 98% of his first two years. The 2% of time we didn’t, we had a Moses crib next to the bed in which he slept, and to my dismay a few nights when we were trying to get him to sleep in his own room. Around 18 months, I decided that Daniel had to soon become more independent, this bed sleeping was getting a bit much. I hadn’t slept next to my husband in 18months. The struggle was real!


Around this same time I wanted to start weaning him off the breast, because his “self-weaning” stunt was really just a phase and he’d been back on the boob religiously since. We tried it, his room has been kitted out since birth, but also just collecting dust and being used as a playroom. Put up his bed rail, pillows and a baby monitor, then we laid with him, did our bedtime routine and he fell asleep. As we continued about the rest of our evening, we checked up on him every 20 minutes or so.. and he slept. YAY!

Or not.

When we got into bed, I kept going to check on him. When he eventually did wake I was so tired I slept in his bed for a while which was super uncomfortable. Back to bed, and the second time I just fetched him. He slept there most of the night. Winning right? The second night went even better for him. He was quite happy to get into his own bed, and go to sleep. When Ian and I got into bed though, we lay and wonder if he was warm enough? Was the monitor loud enough? Would we hear him?


After tossing for a bit, Ian made the difficult decision of putting this off for a little while longer. When he got back into bed we both cuddled Daniel, and went to sleep. I slept so well!

It made me consider though, what the rush was for us? Aside from that fact that he was almost 2 and well the space in our bed was becoming a little smaller. None, just that of what is acceptable and praised. I read a post by Jonelle from Tyranny of Pink about this exact topic – where she potty trained when her son ready – you can check it out here.  After reading this I was even more sure, that what we were doing was okay. It’s not about what everyone wants for you. Parenting is really about you and your kid, and the best time is never according to a schedule.

So we’re waiting. Waiting till we’re ready to let go of the “baby phase”, holding onto it for dear life it seems. It’s fine though, there are days when I really want him out. Other days my heart is glad to have him there! Maybe in a month or two my heart will be ready, with my luck he will refuse and we will struggle!

For now my heart and boobs are ready for him to wean! FINALLY! It has been 2 years after all! We have started the process of weaning! The first two nights have been a success, so I’m hoping that it continues. Also, not as difficult as I imagined it would be. Will definitely have a post up on this soon!

In the Meantime – Did you enjoy co-sleeping? Do you have a cut-off for bed-sharing? What techniques did you use to move your tots out of the bed?

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  1. We still do co-sleeping. We had two nights (separate occassions) when we were on holiday and Princess slept in a crib (as a two year old). I could hardly sleep. The second time she woke up in a sweat in the middle of the night and got with us in the bed. She’s almost 3 now.

  2. We still co-sleep too! I went through a phase of wondering if this is the wrong thing to do BUT decided that this is going to be one of those things where you don’t know when will be the last time! No doubt when she’s ready, she’ll just up and leave and hop into her own bed. Happily! While I will probably be devastated because my baby really isn’t a baby anymore and I didn’t know to cuddle her extra-hard the night before she decides she’s ‘big’ now. 😉 x

  3. Awww I was just reading this post when I suddenly came across a little mention of me <3 I really stand by this, you have to do what works for you. I ALWAYS thought I was going to be a co-sleeping mom but then Oden was born and nope, he HATED sleeping with us and was in his own room from 3months old. It was so hard for me but he just wouldn't sleep with us so we went with our gut and it's working so well for us as parents! Thanks for the mention, just keep doing what words for you! xoxo

  4. All the parenting decisions are always goimg to be what works best for you and your fam. if everyone is getting their best sleep together, then as you said, whats the rush? So couldnt agree more with you.

    i wish i could co sleep longer with my kids, but for us, we just get better sleep when we’re all in our beds. so our co sleepimg is usually only til 4months….when i can no longer keep going without sleep and also can see baby is struggling just as much.

    Glad you found your peace and happiness with your situation. x

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