Daniel has an incredibly sensitive skin. When he was just 10 weeks old he was diagnosed with eczema and ever since we have had to be really, really careful with the products we chose to use on him. I’m talking everything from nappies, clothes and obviously skin care. This often means choosing the unpopular items and sometimes the more expensive ones. When Oh so Heavenly released their new Baby Farm Fresh range for sensitive skin I was really keen to try it on Daniel’s skin. Also really nervous of course.

oh so heavenly

I don’t usually venture away from products that we know works. Nothing tried nothing gained so we gave it a shot. And boy am I glad we did. The smell is sooooo absolutely “heavenly”!

Milky Mooves – Gentle Bath Milk (Price not available on site)

This is something I was possibly the most nervous about because it is a rich sweet smelling milk. You can add to baby’s bath water. It makes bubbles and fills the air. It also happened to be Daniel’s first experience with bubbles in the bath and he loved it! Because this is a Mum & Cherub product I assumed it would be okay for me to try it out too. The milk leaves the skin feeling soft and silky and the smell really stays with you. Not something I have picked up using other similar products.

oh so heavenly

Happy Manes – 2-in-1 Baby Wash and Shampoo (R49.95 500ml)

Generally I’m not too keen on 2-in-1’s although I must say having only one container to use for both does make life a lot easier. This body wash in conjunction with the gentle bath milk is a dream for your skin. His skin lapped up all the milky oatmeal goodness. It foams well on hair and dried his a bit. However that’s the case with most baby shampoo’s because he has curly hair. The size of the bottle is quite bulky as it is a very generous size and not available in a smaller size, but definitely value for money.

Baa Baa Baby – All Purpose Gentle Cream (R34.95 450ml)

This is a emollient moisturizer so much thicker in density, it covers dry skin well. It also goes very far so little needs to be used to cover a big area. (or little in the case of my baby). It can also be used as a wash if you are not comfortable using the Happy Manes wash on your babies skin. I tried it as a wash as well but prefer the wash as I am a fan of soaping my baby. It’s works great for a wind down massage before bedtime, Daniel has been getting these since he was just a litte-ly. So I like to think he actually looks forward to them. To add the wonderful fragrance to the experience just makes it that much better. I’m sure he sleeps like a dream after this little ritual of ours.

Splash of Fun – Mild & Gentle Skin Refresher (R19.95 50ml)

Have you ever heard the saying “You don’t know what you are missing until you do”. Well, I no longer leave home without this skin refresher. I use it in the mornings to freshen DJ up before school, it absorbs really quickly into his skin and gets rid of any over night stickiness. I also use it some days when he is extremely pooped and doesn’t make it for the bath, to just ease my mind. Also did I tell you how awesome these products smell. I use it daily for myself and him. It now no longer lives on the shelf but in his nappy bag essentials. (Note to self, get another one for the shelf)

All in all I really like this range, my clear favourite addition being the Splash of Fun, skin refresher. I love that these products are colour and tear free, and have oatmeal and milk extracts to aid in moisturizing delicate baby skin. They are affordable and the packaging is adorable. The smell is a little bit strong which made me a little nervous but somehow Oh so Heavenly managed to get the best of both. Big ups to you Oh so Heavenly!

In the meantime – Have you tried the new Baby Farm Fresh range from Oh So Heavenly? Did you love it as much as I did? What were your favourite products?

*Oh so Heavenly sent us this package to review but all the views expressed are my own.

6 Comments on Oh so heavenly – Baby Farm Fresh Review

  1. This sounds amazing! I love the idea of oatmeal and milk….like bathing in a big bowl of oats…lol. BUt for real…I imagine it must be super nourishing. Will definitely try this range. I already love the Oh So Heavenly bubble bath for the kids.

  2. Love love this range! Little Miss uses the cream for her feet because it puts an extra layer over the eczema (she says)! 😜
    The rest of us uses it for our dry skin! The smell is divine! Did you try the skin freshener! Great after a bath!

    • Me too!!! 🙂 I absolutely love the skin refresher, its possibly most definitely my favourite product from this range! Thanks for popping by Karen! xx

  3. Oh wow!! I didn’t know OSH did a baby range. Not that I have a baby, I just LOVE their products and I’ve started replacing our shampoos, hand washes, lotions, etc. with them. All about supporting companies that don’t support animal cruelty.

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