Driving to work this morning I was reminded again. Our plans are not His plans. So often we get so caught up in what we have planned for ourselves. And when life happens, and things go wrong or just not exactly as we planned them to be. We are floored. Distraught. Disappointed. Questioning.

We of course know that things can happen. But so many times, you have prayed for what you want. You want it so much that – you convince yourself that it is also what God wants for you. I sometimes imagine God sitting up there, chuckling to Himself when He watches us. “These kids of mine, why do they make life difficult for themselves. Why don’t they leave the planning up to me?”

Dropping Daniel at school one morning, again we discussed how happy we were with the school we had placed him in. It was like before we even knew what we wanted in a school, it was there. During this conversation, we discovered that the week before we had enquired at Daniel’s school, they had adjusted the entry requirements from only accepting babies of 9 months and up, to accepting babies of 3 months. JUST THE WEEK BEFORE we had enquired. That means this perfect school that we LOVE so much – wasn’t ready for Daniel in December last year when we had started our search for a nanny. It means that he needed to be home with the nanny we had found up until, the Sunday night at 21:45 when she messaged me to say she wasn’t coming anymore.

It means that at that 11th hour when I was feeling like everything was just not going right for us, that THAT was all part of God’s plan.


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Realising all this made it yet AGAIN so real to me. For I know the plans I have for you – my favourite verse. It’s a verse I find so much solace in. Yet, a verse I so quickly forget when my plans fall apart.

I hope that if you are anything like me and this crazy year has just been bogging you down. That you are reminded too, that His plans for you are greater! Greater than any plans you could have for yourself. That He knows your needs before you do, and He is already preparing to fulfill them.

In the meantime – Relax! He’s got you covered!

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