This weekend I was feeling brave, and tested out the Iontoderma finally. To say it was nerve-wrecking is really putting it lightly. I was sweating just sitting there thinking about it. The machine works with water and electricity, so it sends small amounts of electric current while your hands/feet are in the water. All I was thinking was – I am going to shock. It’s going to hurt. However the need to be free of my hyperhidrosis is bigger than that fear so I did it.


I also took a little flop video – just to show you that real initial reaction, which I will share on social media later today.

Basically two metals plates are placed inside the plastic container and then 500ml of water is poured into each. (Any more water would render the electric current less efficient so it’s important to measure that). A black and red cable (banana plug) is plugged into the two plates respectively and then the power. The power is adjustable (accordingly to how strong you want the current), eeecccckkkk. I started off with 12V (which is the lowest voltage). Placed my left hand in first, wrist to fingers to lessen the impact – I was shaking and felt very little. Like a slight vibration, but nothing to write home about.

Once I put my right hand into the water I could immediately feel the current. It really wasn’t painful. Just a tingling sensation… I waited for about 8 minutes before switching off the machine and swapping the red and black cables and then repeating the process. Then it was over. Took my hands out and felt very proud of myself. I could still feel a slight zinging in my hands for just over an hour after I had used the machine.


Of course this is a process, I need to use this machine everyday until I stop sweating. Thereafter only use it for sessions when the sweating starts up again, and stopping when it stops that way I will be able to gauge how much is comfortable and necessary for the severity of my disorder. No two people are the same and so you would have to try the machine for yourself to see how it works for you.

Iontoderma does however boast a 98% success rate, they are so confident that they will give you, your money back if it doesn’t work for you after 60 days! That says something! I have been watching some youtube reviews of the Iontoderma and I am extremely excited about what comes after this. Considering buying sandals,Β which in itself is huge!

I can’t wait to share some more results with you on how it goes. If you are interested in buying a machine for yourself to try – they have an incredible special on today for Cyber Monday – $150 off… you can get more information here…

In the meantime – do you have any questions about my experience that I can answer in my next post? What are your thoughts on the Iontoderma?

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    • Hi Mandy, glad you asked – after 2 weeks of using the machine daily my hands were completely dry. My feet took a while longer and I did increase the voltage on it thereafter. It takes about 2 – 3 weeks for them to start sweating again thereafter.

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