I recently discovered a few things about myself after a few incidents at the office where my pants decided that they didn’t want to do their thing any longer and split. It was heartbreaking for me. Funny, but very very inconvenient. I am a mom. It defines me. Part of being a mom, means I rarely find the time or the money to shop for myself. So the pants saga was just awful. Firstly – I still haven’t bought new pants because a) the shops just don’t have a style right now that speaks to me and b) I’ve only tried to look once because who has the time.

muppie lounge

*Insert chimes and happy music*

When Marishka from Muppie Lounge approached me to review her product, I was excited. Supporting local has become something I am seriously passionate about. I had seen a few pictures here and there before of her range (in-between stalking her site) and thought it was cool.

Our package arrived last week and we were completely blown away. Pictures just don’t seem to do them justice – no matter how many you take. The packaging speaks volumes before you even get to the really exciting stuff. It is different and refreshing! So much care is taken that you feel so special and you have even got your order yet. Emilie was oooohing and aaaahing the entire time! In my canister a #becauseisaidso tee and for Emilie a #christmas2017 girls tee.

The tshirts are light and breathable, with print that is embedded in the tee as opposed to printed on. The style of the ladies tee, I absolutely fell inlove with. It’s sleeveless with a smash up neckline of jewel (shaping) and v-neck. It makes this tee completely versatile for casual paired with jeans or jeggings or pants. I feel like breaking into song about this tee… “I knew I loved you before I met you…” Because makes me feel confident, and chic at the same time. I am the type that doesn’t put too much thought into my clothing pairing and my most pertinent factor when choosing any clothing item is comfort. This gives me all that and more.

I wore it for the first time to the NMBT Fat Bike launch last week, and all my feelings were confirmed when every second person asked me about this tee. Win! Emilie’s tee is a comfortable fit for the wild child that she is. Although she is quite tall for her age (this is usually a problem), the tee fits really well. Not tight but still very flattering, the tee is a little see through so we have paired it with a tank/strappy underneath.

The thing that I possibly love the most is that these tee’s don’t need ironing – can I get a hell yeah? They are easy to wash and of a really good quality. Two thumbs up from In the Meantime! What’s more is that their range includes tees for men as well as table cloths, shirts, jumpsuits, baby vests, jackets, dresses and underwear.

muppie lounge

Follow Muppie Lounge on their social media channels here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for more information on the latest specials and product launches! You can find all this awesomeness at their online store here: https://muppie-lounge.myshopify.com/ style in the comfort of your home!

In the Meantime – We love Muppie Lounge – what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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