Fatherly instincts… Hmmmm, I know what you are thinking – are there such things? Do men reallyΒ have instincts even? When it comes to the well being of our children? LOL just kidding. If you were squinting your eyes at this and thinking, of course they have paternal instincts! Then you would be correct. If not – give the him in your life some more credit.

fatherly instincts

The real reason I’m posting is because if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may know that Daniel has been sick again recently. The change of season has hit us so suddenly and our entire house is full off snots. With this came, a few nights where hubby and I were calling each other out on what we should be doing. Based on what we felt, what we read. Anything. We just wanted his fever to go away. We wanted to sleep. For him to be better than he was being. It was hard.

Hard on our relationship because of course – no one is rational at 2:45am, and you cant hear yourself think over the screaming of your spouse and your youngest child. Although we all know this. When we left and went our separate ways the next morning, there was a bitter taste in our mouths. You know what I mean. We are conversing because we need to be conversing but actually I don’t want to talk to you. “I didn’t forget that look you gave me”, or “you made me feel like you could be doing better. Well I suggest you try.” kind of snotty thoughts.

Although I never said it or even actually thought it, I sometimes undermine Ian’s opinion on what we should be doing because he is just the dad. I am the mom. The caregiver, nurse, the Dr and knower of all child problems and solutions. (I of course dubbed myself this person) I was so wrong. Actually even recent research confirms how wrong I am.

Ian is in fact better at putting DJ to sleep than I am (I have boobs, which are an unfair advantage). He is a fantastic dad and partner, he googles just as much as I do. He is as, if not more involved with the kids. Why do I still undermine him sometimes? Maybe society. Perhaps because I grew this child, it makes me the boss? Eeecckkkk there it is again. The dominate I’m the boss attitude. Whatever it may be, he deserves more credit. More credit from me.

I think after this post, I’m going to honour him by letting him wake up alone with Daniel all weekend. What do you think? Sies, it’s hard for me clearly to let go of that trump card.

Seriously though – the above comments are tongue in cheek, and the husband is a total sport. Although I can be a bit territorial, I am trying to be better. Any suggestions? How do you view your children’s dads opinions and advice?

In the meantime – I think dads rule! And of course that moms are uber cool!Β If you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends using my links below. And follow me on my handles – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I know you are cool like that! x

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  1. Shame ya I think we don’t give the men as much credit as they deserve, though I do think there’s a certain intuition we just have that a man cannot replicate or tap into when it comes to our kids.

    • I agree, but I’ve read that they have same or similar intutions depending on how much time is spent with the said child. I was like oh.. let me take a step back! LOL but yes… its something I hold onto tightly.

  2. Ejoyed reading this! My husband is better than me at everything. he is a natural. The only thing is I am better at cooking and keeping the kids in the routine (but he can even cook better than me when he feels like it; and they are perfectly okay without a routine). Initially I also held on to things, but once i let it go – i just accepted it is okay if he is better than me at things πŸ™‚

    • It is okay – life isn’t a square box and it would be so boring if we all fit into social norms… I love that your hubby is better at everything soooo cool. πŸ™‚

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