Today my heart was bursting with joy when I received a call from my daughter. She called to wish Ian her step-dad a Happy Father’s Day, we weren’t I wasn’t expecting it. It caught me off guard, and of course my tears have never been lazy.

fathers dayHearing the effort she had to gone to, knowing that she wasn’t going to be home, melted my heart. Partly because I was a single mom for so long, and mindset is hard to shake. So in my mind, I’m still mom and dad, the be all and end all sometimes. And partly because even though Ian and I have been together for 6 years and he is a fantastic father. He is not her father and she knows that. He is her step-father, or bonus dad as we like to think.

I don’t ever regret the decisions I made to get Emilie and I to where we are today. But I never wanted her to be in a complicated family. I say that with imaginary inverted commas. We always knew it would be complicated though. We are the perfect example of a blended family, we started out with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 4 parents. And that was just when we got married.

Today made me realise, everything that I had been trying to make up for all this time. Being a single mother mostly. I could finally stop trying to make up for. I finally realised that she doesn’t come from a broken home anymore. The stigma about single moms bothered me so much, mostly because I come from a “broken home” with divorced parents. There is however, nothing broken about our home. And for her – there is nothing complicated about it either. Our home is just that – a home.

She gets to have extra family members in the form of siblings, parents and grandparents and MORE people to love her and support her. It’s all about how you look at it I guess and from where I am sitting. We are very blessed!

In the meantime – a random out of my heart post, Happy Father’s Day to all the wow-some dads out there, making mom’s lives so much easier! 
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7 Comments on A mother’s heart this Father’s Day

  1. Well done Vee,

    (1.) You are doing a great job raising a thoughtful and kind kid.
    (2.) You’ve obviously done a great job in choosing a partner, who’s an amazing role model and father figure for your daughter.
    (3.) Exhale, you don’t need to make up for anything.

    I am sure you know, but no harm in reminding you!

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