Is it just me or has 2017 started with such a bang that I am already exhausted. Bring on  the April public holidays! The last few weeks haven’t been that great – I wrote about it here, and here. Yesterday wasn’t any different.

It started with an argument with my 10 year old about really legitimate stuff. I mean at 06:15 in the morning, I really thought that screaming at her because she nearly tripped me by trying to hug me while I picked Daniel up – was legitimate. Later on – I felt differently. I felt like a terrible mom. Which is a feeling I feel quite often, when I fail her because my temper is too short or I’m too tired to play games. Because I don’t feel like baking or the one time in that day she felt like telling me about her day, Daniel was screaming at the top of his lungs and I gave her a death stare while she explained ABOVE her brothers screaming.

Work was nice, nice and stressful like my friend would say. My inbox looked like a dragon threw up in it after my absence last week. So for most of the day I played catch up while being completely lost. Around lunch time, while I pumped, I read through the blog post which I had written last week and scheduled to publish in the morning. While reading it I silently sobbed. The day had become so completely overwhelming. The blog post I had so perfectly written actually sucked. Reading it today I thought – “What the heck? This doesn’t sound like me at all?”

All this pressure! Pressure to be a good mom. A great employee. Interesting blogger. Fun wife. Loyal friend. And I’m sure we can all add some roles to this beautiful list I’ve created. Vomit! Pressure from who? And who created these standards that feel so impossible to reach? Dare I say it? Can you guess?

Yep. My biggest critic. It’s me. How the hank do I stop being this hard on myself?

Does this happen to everyone? Or is it really just my second round of antibiotics in a four week period making my hormones crazy?

If this is you and you just need a break from yourself too look no further. Dam da da dam….. I have an awesome “Relax, reflect and refill” book hamper to give away from CUM Books, Christian Art Media and My Spreadsheet Brain. Hooray!

It includes a magnificent adult colouring book called “Whatever is lovely” which is a compilation of colouring pages which range from simple to complex coupled with the most beautiful Bible verses. It also comes with a link to the #WhateverIsLovely playlist is included to help set the mood. Also included is “Take your life back” which is an easy to read book which guides you through overcoming your past, and things which control your perceptions and how they influence your everyday life.

Excited yet? I certainly am.

To enter just follow the prompts below. The competition will close on 15th of February, this competition is only open to SA residents.

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In the meantime – give yourself a break! You are doing the best you can!

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