Life can get so busy and crazy, we often find less and less time to be quiet and pray with our significant others. I know from personal experience that committing to a daily devotional together can be quite daunting at first. We have found our rhythm now after 3 years of marriage! The “Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts” devotional by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot was created with this in mind.

saving your marriage before it starts

The introduction to this book made me laugh, it tells of a story much like our own. A couple eager to root their marriage in faith commits to daily devotionals before bed. While preparing for the devotional they would be at odds over who would read that night’s Bible verses. No, not because they were eager, because it meant the other would be able to fall asleep during the reading. #Fail

“Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts” (SYMBIS) is for couples who are starting out with their devotions together. As well as for couples whose weekly routine isn’t always black and white. Praying together as a couple can be difficult, just because before God we often display our deepest desires and hurts. We are vulnerable. It can be hard to voice these out loud with your partner. It’s hard because your partner knows all your faults. They are peering at you, watching your actions and then hearing your prayers.

SYMBIS has been designed to “refuel” the soul of your marriage. To open a dialogue to pertinent conversations that lead to spiritual growth together. There are 52 devotions, one for each week, so there is no pressure on a daily basis to do them.

Each session is organised by an “Opening Thought” – this is a brief devotional on a marriage relevant topic. It is followed by a passage of scripture related to the topic, printed in the book for easy access. “Your Turn” – this is a section where questions and suggestions appear to enable you to share relevant examples in your own lives. Again no pressure to do all of them, one or two important ones can be more than sufficient.

saving your marriage before it starts

In our own journey, have found that less pressure leads us to in depth conversations about questions that are applicable to us. “Soul to Soul” the next section, is a of list things to focus on during the week ahead. Possibly for your own personal quiet times, a short “Prayer” to have together and a “Real-life Soul Mates” section concludes each devotion.

“Real-life Soul Mates” are short inserts from couples who are strong in their spiritual intimacy together, sharing about their journey. Encouraging and helping you to realise, perfection is never the aim.

“Saving your marriage before it starts” is available at your nearest CUM books or online here (paperback) or here (hardcover).

If like us however you do feel that daily devotionals would suit you on your spiritual walk – we received the most amazing investment into our marriage on our wedding day. The Love Languages Devotional Bible – which I LOVE! Devotions keep us grounded in love together, it keeps us humble and in touch with what is happening in each other’s hearts. It has become a key strength builder in our marriage.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, however the book was given to me by Christian Art Media via the #ECMeetup

In the Meantime – do you spend quiet time together as a couple? How has this benefited your relationship/marriage? Share with me in the comments.

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    • I agree, it just sets the tone for the day. We usually do devotions in the evenings, but we pray in the car together before we all leave too. Well we try…

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