I must be the only person in the entire planet that does not own a coffee machine. After the #ECMeetUp, where Mastertons sponsored our goodie bags with some of the best coffee in all of the land. I found myself looking through tons, I mean tons of pictures of fellow blog friends enjoying their coffee. With us not having that type of coffee machine just looked at our beautifully packaged coffee. Smelling the aromas of wakefulness and stimulation… wishing for the coffee machine we didn’t have.

Thanks blog friends for not inviting me over!


So we decided to take matters into our own hands – and get a little creative. Google actually helped this time! I found a relatively quick and easy way to do this without like creating some contraption and becoming a household McGuyver.

There are actually 5 suggestions I used number one – the cowboy method, which is what people do when they go camping! Link here if you want to be all cowboy and stuff!

Voila! Not so bad right? I thought it would be such a mission. And then… I feel like I need a drum roll! We found out that Mastertons actually has a solution for us folks without coffee machines. I will admit that I did feel a bit like a doofus because their solution is ridiculously affordable and so simple!

AND – if like me you already own a Cafeluxe or similar coffee machine that takes capsules Mastertons has you covered. They have pods available at a variety of stores that you can check on their website here!

So really – you actually have no excuse! Keep a lookout for more exciting things to do with coffee – other than cook it in a pot and drink it! He he he! AND – there’s an opportunity to win with Mastertons over at JustEllaBella’s Christmas Goodie Bag Giveaway – check it out here!

In the meantime – have you tried Mastertons? What is your favourite blend? #coffeeislife

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