When Daniel’s first birthday was approaching I had a lot of people asking me what they should get him. I know this is an awesome courtesy but honestly most of the time, I didn’t even know what to say. So I thought I would make a list of some of my favourite gifts he received. Ones that I would definitely be buying for first birthday’s in the future. Most of them are also girl/boy friendly! Here are my top 5 picks:

  1. Books – I know this seems really cliche, and like what is a 12 month old going to do with books. But Daniel has an absolute love for books. He sits and looks at pictures, brings them for you to read to him and we spend hours of fun with them. My favourite books received were: Touch and feel books, this encourages interaction with the book in more ways than just a picture. Books that make sounds – same as above. Little books – ones that can fit into his hands are awesome! All the above are available at BabyCity and Bargain Books.5 gift ideas
  2. Bath toys – Daniel absolutely loves his bath time! Even though we recently went through a stint where he didn’t want to bath (we later found out he had a cut on his toe which was probably burning in the bath). Entertainment in the bath makes it that much more fun. I don’t really like the rubber duck toys that squeak because once water gets in there and doesn’t dry it causes mold. Something I mentioned when being asked about what toys to get him. And we happened to get some lovely animals from Dischem. He also received a caterpillar stack toy that you can use in the bath and out. He loves it.
  3. Pajamas or sleepwear – this for me was something that I didn’t think of till An Ordinary Gal mentioned it. PJ’s are the best, you never have enough when you have a drooling toddler so this speaks for itself. I found some awesome summer ones at Woolies, with the cutest little slippers!
  4. Anti-drool bibs – uh, toddlers and teething – this phase is like never-ending. I found the most awesome anti-drool bibs with Jess from Heartfelt designs and did a review for her here. I also updated our collection recently and she has improved an already flawless product – for only R30 per bib, with minimal changes throughout the day. This is high on my list of “always needs”.5 gift ideas
  5. Vouchers – I’ve never been a fan of buying people vouchers because honestly, it always seems like the “easy” gift. The one that minimal though has gone into, I dunno it’s how I’ve thought. Until recently when we received a voucher – guys, the options are endless to getting what you actually need. And then not putting pressure in terms of cost because you can always add. It’s an option I have recently started using with something small like one of the earlier options.

An honourable mention is definitely a scooter, my dad got DJ one. Being a biker this seemed like the logical gift, and although everyone has always spoken about their need to have one. Until we actually had one in our home I didn’t realise how much fun it would be for DJ. He loves this thing. Simple, lots of noise, and lots of fun. AND I do believe they do all sorts of different types and colours now too.

In the meantime – Is there anything you think I have missed? What are your go-to 5 gift ideasΒ for 1 year olds? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Great post ! My go to gifts for children are always pyjamas and books. I feel that those are things you can never have e ouch of really. I also love kiddie puzzles but more from 18 months you get the wooden animal ones.

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