A little while ago I was complaining that Daniel kept falling and that my heart could not cope. It is so hard isn’t it? Someone responded to my complaint and said “Babies are designed for falling, don’t worry he will be fine”. This statement should go under the list of things to NOT say to a mom after her baby has fallen. No matter how true the statement may be.

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Having your baby take a fall is scary. Daniel started crawling 2 months ago right before he turned 8 months. He is now walking against things and took his first step on Youth Day (Where is this child growing to?). With all of this in mind you can only imagine how much he is getting up to at home.

One morning a few Saturday’s ago Ian and I counted 3 falls in the space of one hour. GUYS! My heart wants to wrap this child in bubble wrap, because the heartbreaking little cry that follows the big bang on the tiles – just kill me inside.

My point is that mostly I think it’s more traumatic for me than for him. Once he has been picked up and his attention is diverted which takes all of 10 seconds, he is fine. So fine, he is ready to start trying to walk again. I mean really could he not just give me a 15 minute break? With all of this I tend to react with either my facial expressions or letting out a big gasp, squeal or something of the sort.

Daniel takes his cues from me, and sometimes I think that even though he didn’t really have a “hard” fall – he cries because I am already freaking out just because he has fallen. What am I going to do about this? With Emilie I actually taught myself to not respond. Mainly because a reaction was mostly what she was looking for when she brought disgusting stuff into the house, but also because Emilie girls can be very dramatic (myself included)!

When DJ (baby) falls I will:

  • Not react, no outer reactions anyway (heavy breathing, sighing, facial expressions included)
  • Walk over and calmly say “Oh no did DJ fall over?”
  • Calmly check for injuries and assess – give a hug and a kiss and smile

In preparation for this practice I have also purchased a bicycle helmet to get DJ to wear when not in my arms.

In the meantime – how do you react when your baby falls? Do you have any hacks for an amateur mom?Β If you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends using my links below. And follow me on my handles – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I know you are cool like that!

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  1. I need a bicycle helmet too. I’m not even joking..>Adam’s head isn’t round anymore. I actually wanna ask the paed if all the bumps will eventually go down and if he’ll have anormal shaped head πŸ™ It’s hard….I don’t stress like I used to because I’ve gone through some pretty traumatic falls…and I’ve read up enough to know their heads are designed for this and what to look out for, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating and heart wrenching for us moms πŸ™

    • For real! And I’ve heard that with boys this is just one of those things… what???? Just one of those things. I need to throw some calmeds into the medicine chest with the bandages. LOL!

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