If you hadn’t already guessed this I am the good mom that the bad hairstyle idea happened to. Shamefully so, as in hindsight I should have just left our hairstyle as is. Twist outs work really well for us. Maybe I can just look at ways to improve the twist outs we currently have. But as a good friend likes to say – nothing ventured nothing gained. Which brings me to my crappy idea.. I thought we needed something new on the natural hairstyle front.

easy braids

After some googling I asked a friend and she recommended “double Dutch braids”, it’s not just the name that makes it sound complicated. It really is complicated. Well for me. So complicated that Emilie and I sat for 50 minutes playing and replaying the Youtube tutorial. I would start and get through like 5-8 steps and then get confused as to where I am and then start over. It continued this way until eventually Emilie was like “put the right strand under the middle, add a section then left strand under… add a section”. I was still not getting it. Daniel was crying. Ian was calling. I wasn’t getting it. My fingers started pulling stiff and then I was like – okay you know what dutch braids are not for us.

I then proceeded to take a break and see to Daniel. Emilie was upset, she had done the whole wash routine and now she was sitting with half brushed, half dry hair. She made two pony tails and reluctantly carried on with her evening. Then mum (this is me), had a great plan to make an easier dutch braid. A vee braid for moms who had fingers that weren’t into complicated stuff. It was going to be simple. But then of course it wasn’t.

My first attempt wasn’t that bad. But sadly there will not be a second attempt. Plaiting is now a big NO GO for Emilie and I. For the record my “easy vee braid” goes like this:

Easy Vee braid:
  1. Split hair into a few sections (this will depend on the thickness of the hair)
  2. Start a plait with first section, only plait about 5 loops down
  3. Join the plait with the second section adding the already completed plait to the middle section of the joined section
  4. Continue to the bottom of the head (neck area)
  5. Tie the hair
  6. If you are dealing with thick hair do two plaits, if not you can do one.

easy dutch braids

These were my first attempt results. Sorry I couldn’t fix too much, as you can see the support with this proved to be testing for us both. No more plaits for us. I think she may want to dutch braid my hair next time, but will post about that when it happens. Sorry pinterest but you have failed these two naturals!

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5 Comments on When bad hairstyle ideas happen to good moms

  1. Addison has no patience for braiding, but once in a while she’ll let me braid it, but it needs to be super quick. Emilie has lots of patience at least πŸ™‚ Glad you guys eventually got some braids on her head. lol

    • No she really doesn’t I think thats why she was so cross with me. LOL! It only stayed for the night and the next day she was like and now you take it out… lol

    • Thanks Mel! I do need to try more styles for us both especially with winter where wet look is just not a plan. Going to look at some this weekend! xxx

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