Yes, there is a problem with it. Of course, I appreciate him. I say it all the time, don’t I? Well now I’ve said it. Just so you know husband – you are awesome! So awesome in fact that right now, today, I wish you were a little less awesome.

awesome husbandMy husband is completely hands on, our home routine is centered around each individual in our home playing their part to make things work. So naturally when one of those individuals are not there, for example, if say one party needed to be away on business, leaving the other individual home alone, outnumbered by routines, expectations and children – it may be a little troubling.

Dramatic much?

Seriously though…

On Monday,Β Ian went to Cape Town for work, it’s been a fullΒ 48 hours that he has been away and I am completely drained. Daniel keeps telling me daddy is outside, or in the bathroom because he is just not used to having him away from home. Bath time is a little more boring because mom doesn’t make all the right noises, and actions. Homework gets done a little later. I sleep a lot less, because windows needs closing, alarms need setting and a whole lot of other crap that just takes time.

He is coming home this eveningΒ and as relieved as I am – I am a whole lot more grateful too. Grateful that there are things that I honestly don’t have to worry about because he does. Humbled that as independent and in control as I am, that I LOVE parenting jointly. It means I don’t need to make decisions alone, it means I can tell someone how cute or not cute things are that the kids do. I get to offload and de-burden myself on another adult who happily accepts my load too.

awesome husband

I must say – things go much smoother when he is away. Things are more organised, and when Ian used to travel in the past before Daniel was born I used to laugh at it, thinking it was weird. I have finally realised why it is that way and its not funny. When he is home, I am relaxed, I can wake up 5 mins later, because he can help me. I can forget something, because I have a backup. We are a team. When I fly solo – I only have myself to rely on, so there isn’t much room for error so as organised as things are… I also don’t relax.

Thank you for being awesome husband, I wouldn’t have you any other way! BUT can you not travel please? #thanks

In the Meantime – can you think of some more troubles that come with having an awesome husband? I would love to hear yours!

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  1. Love this! I love the part at the end when you thank for being awesome and ask him not to travel. Also, the pictures that you’ve put in this post are amazing!! #sabloggerscafe

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