Picture yourself getting a call from a debt collector. First of all ugghhhhh – as if you didn’t know that you haven’t paid that account yet. Except imagine that you didn’t – you actually didn’t forget to pay, or couldn’t pay. You didn’t even make the debt. Picture that debt collector, embarrassing you over the phone about debt and an account that you didn’t even create.

identity theft

Money you owe that you in fact did not spend.

Let’s take it one step further. A debtor removes the money from your account. Have you gone cold yet? This is what happened to my mom recently. While checking her bank statements, you know the check you do to see that all the debit orders have gone off to kind of see what’s left for you. Boing! A huge debit from mom’s account, one that she didn’t recognize for a huge sum of money. On some investigation, mom realised someone had used her ID and banking details to open an account on her name. Two cellphones and a ton of international calls later, the debit order went off. This shockingly wasn’t the only instance either – a clothing account was opened in my mom’s name in Cape Town, and a loan of R10 000. All this happened without mom’s wallet or ID being stolen.

The devastating nightmare continues..

Cyber-crime has evolved through the years, I have painstakingly realised as mum rehashes the terrors. She further commented that with all the precautions she has in place currently, it is easier for the fraudsters to open an account than it is for her. It is crazy to think how completely dependent we are on things like internet and cellphones, staying connected and how completely vulnerable they really leave us.

The good news is..

I’ve collated some tips from mom who kindly gave me a run down of all the rigmarole and listed them for ease of reference. (Thanks Mom!) Can you imagine the devastation if this had to happen to a business? After all that spine chilling information.  I have a chance for you to win R1 million in Bitcoin or cash! Keep reading!

identity theft

Tips to be Cyber-smart and protect yourself from “Identity Theft”:
  1. Destroy all private records – shred all statements containing pertinent personal information. Things like application forms, bank statements (including ID, bank account details etc). Some of these documents need to be kept so it is a schlep. Be sure that wherever they are kept be it email, PC’s or hard-copy are monitored and protected. (see number 3)
  2. Marketer hit lists and telesales – this is my pet peeve, having a telesales person call me from the bank I am currently with, to offer me yet another awesome limited offer. To add to the already piling service fees. A lot of times, to process these sales you need to divulge your personal details. Be sure about who is calling you before giving out any information.
  3. Password protection – another huge schlep, setting passwords – firstly one you will remember. Then to add letters, number and symbols becomes more difficult. Experts say to create something familiar but also unfamiliar, so you can remember it. For example: MDNIe2006 – My Daughters Name Is e 2006 (year she was born).
  4. Familiarise yourself with the PoPI Act – this act is in place to protect you and your personal information and to safeguard you from companies working carelessly with this “precious information”. In South Africa Trans Union also gives you free access to your credit record which you should check from time to time.
  5. Get insurance for in case this ever happens to you. The current stats are 84% of online South African’s have been victim of some or other cyber-crime. To further this 74% in the past year alone. King Price Insurance offers businesses cover for computer systems, software, data and the liability of possible attacks.  They have even went as far as including proving fraud in your cover. Which as my mom can attest can be quite costly on a larger scale. As the times are moving forward and fraudsters are getting smarter King Price has you covered!
The main thing is to be alert.

When drawing money, using the internet, opening email attachments and strange inboxes on social media. When swiping your bank card, and using your personal information. Criminals value your information and so should you. So get ahead with your business and check out all King Price has to offer. You can check out more information on what they offer here or call your broker on 0860 21 00 00.

identity theft

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by King Price but all the opinions, and experiences are my own.

In the meantime – 2018 is here, how #cybersure are you that you are #cybersavvy? Do you have any tips to add or identity theft stories to share with me? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. It’s so important to spread awareness about identity theft and give advice on how to protect yourself. We don’t live in a safe world, and the online world is just as scary!
    Thank you for the tips!

  2. Thank you for these tips. Fortunately I have never been a victim but both my parents have.
    It’s disgusting that we even need these tips, but they’re great. Thank you.

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