Daniel has been classified a “toddler” for a month. A phase I have been warned about. It just came so quickly I feel like, we didn’t have enough time to prepare for it, emotionally and physically. He has all he needs though, a new wardrobe and such but there’s is much I did not prepare for too. Like, him moving from being a baby to being a little boy.Β Toddler-hoodΒ is not for sissy’s!


No I’m not exaggerating, and yes I know time flies. But going from a baby to a little boy literally what felt like overnight was too much for my heart! He is extremely inquisitive, more so than with the seemingly added confidence that he is no longer a baby. This led us to calling the “Poison Center” to find out if Toilet Duck is poisonous, and if we need to head to emergency. Because he dug it out and ate it. Yep. I suck. Just for your info – it’s not poisonous and nothing happened except him smelling like a toilet bowl for a few hours. Ian also just ate it to check if it would burn his mouth. Lovely husband right?

We prepared for this stage by baby-proofing the house. It hasn’t helped us one bit. Daniel is smarter. I think he actually believes, the baby-proofing is another toy for him to figure out. Of which in a month in he has. He’s given us so many scares – falls, croup and then we had a period where he was frantically refusing to bath. It lasted for about a week, where we literally had to hold him down screaming just to get him bathed. I must admit that one or two nights I just didn’t have the strength and wiped him down.

He hasn’t slept well this last few weeks, cut two teeth and I am exhausted. With all this, Daniel has also developed so many new skills. He’s understanding when we ask him things. He picks up his toys and puts them away when we make it a game. And then throws them all out again. Daniel loves playing outside with a ball. He can climb off the bed. Saying – mama, dada, ta and Em-a (Emma), he’s lovable and although there have been awful moments, this is my favourite stage. He’s just learning so quickly that I find myself wanting to videotape every part of the day.


Daniel running ❀ so cute it makes me laugh every time!

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He is positively exhausting, but he fills up my cup, when we get home. And I absolutely love watching him learn all these new things. Exciting and yet so sad – that these milestones pass so quickly. One month in – I believe I am starting to accept that I have a toddler now. And I actually think it’s awesome!

In the meantime – how was your introduction to “toddler-hood” is my child just really busy or are they all like this at this age?

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