This title should read – Curl Talk for dummies, because that’s how I feel after learning all I did about curly hair. Especially because I have curly hair…. before I get into my lessons let me just tell you about this event! Remember we talked about it a few weeks ago? It is definitely something to talk about. If you were there – feel free to fill in the gaps I have missed. If you missed out palease make a point to attend the next one. It will be a date with yourself to remember! Here goes!

We walked in and everywhere we looked, we were, greeted with curls and smiles. Screeches of glee, excitement and laughter. It was everywhere – the air was thick of absolute happiness. It was so full, you could feel it. I am sure that you could not walk into the Athenaeum on Saturday and be cross or upset about anything.


As though walking into a red carpet event, the foyer was full of cameras flashing, and as you walked in people were standing next to you (random people), and you had to smile this way and that way. A woman introduced herself to me, shortly after and took my hand – I felt like I must know her from somewhere because she was so welcoming and her body language was so familiar. I quickly realised this was just what this event was about – finding a home. A haven for girls like me. Curly girls!


After some coffee and mingling, the event started – each speaker shared her journey to natural hair. Each had a journey before moving to natural hair, which made me feel like I was doing Emilie a service by being there. She would not have to reach this point in her life – I could educate her before the time. Help her to love herself, the natural self just as she is. We laughed sheepishly at the things we all had in common. Almost as though we had not expected the speakers to share these “intimate” details, and at the same time, we breathed relief that they did. It meant we were not suffering alone.

All in all it was fantastic! Did I say that already? If you don’t believe me – read what Ruth had to say! Or Shavon the Founder of Curl Talk the reviews speak for themselves!

Lessons from Curl Talk:

  1. Curly hair should NOT be brushed dry. Hey man – just wipe that look off your face, I honestly did not know. So thank you Curly Girls. My relationship with my 10 year old thanks you!
  2. You should co-wash, listen I have heard of this – but I was like well, my hair needs to be washed and I have been taught that shampoo does the washing. I think I even remember washing Emilie’s hair with sunlight once to get oil out of it. (Insert wincing SMH I know! If you don’t know what co-wash means – like I didn’t a few days ago… it means conditioner only washing and the result is something between REALLY-clean and second-day hair which is, smoother, softer, and easier to manage.)
  3. If you are sporting curly hair – you do not have to wash your hair every day. What? Yes. For real! You can wash your hair, and let it dry, and then wear it in a pineapple pony (on top of your head) and in the morning instead of rewashing etc, just do a refresh spray and off you go! (Spray bottle with half conditioner, half water, and two teaspoons of coconut oil) It works for reals! Tried and tested!
  4. Hair bands – are not your friend if they are breaking your hair. Duh, I knew this but it was not until after curl talk that I realised how bad it actually is for your hair and invested in some fancy-ish hair bands that do not kill Emi’s hair!
  5. Dry your hair with a t-shirt not a towel – a towel takes ALL the moisture from your hair, whereas a T-shirt dries the excess water but prevents frizz. What? Yes! This is actually real.

The proof is of course in the pudding and even though I learnt soooo much more than just these 5 things, these are the 5 things I could try over this weekend for Emilie and I.

Emilie loves her twisty’s inspired by My Spreadsheet Brain’s post on her Curly Girl, I used all the above tips on her hair and girls – it is still perfect today. In addition – my hair is too. I am so shocked. You will not even believe.

In the meantime – be who you are naturally!

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  1. As a fellow curly haired girl. I can humbly agree that this is the truth. I forget this sometimes and then my hair goes crazy.
    I have to try the refresh method. Thanks for explaining it.

    • Thank you for saying that you need to be reminded. Hair is so volatile and yet so simple! Anytime – I couldn’t believe it and is it ever a time saver!!! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks Melissa! xx YAY for not being the only girl with Curly hair who didn’t know all this stuff. And there is just sooo much more. I’m looking forward to figuring and trying all this stuff out soon! That is also another tip – blow out now and then to see your length. xx

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