Eczema is like a swear-word in our house. It has given me absolute endless anxiety since Daniel picked it up at 10 weeks. We have been to the pediatrician, got all the recommended soaps and tried various baby ranges. Some of which worked, if only for a short while, but when winter popped it’s ugly scaly head Daniel started with eczema around his eyes and face area. It looked sore, irritated and flaky. Most of all my poor babies face was a constant reminder that although we had tons of medications, this is something we are living with daily.


At the EC Meet Up last year, we received samples from a natural local homeopath, Bubiroo. Dorae the brain behind Bubiroo and I briefly chatted about Daniel’s skin condition. I tried the sample products and they were awesome. I especially love that the products were completely natural. Meaning they have none of the icky stuff,  all of the goodness, AND they are cruelty free. We have been using Bubiroo’s Baby Wash & Shampoo, Baby Wax and a Healing Balm (with extra Neem).

Bubiroo Baby Wash & Shampoo R135

My husband absolutely loves this body wash and shampoo combo, from the smell to the texture, to the way Daniel’s skin feels after. When we first started using the products Daniel would constantly touch his own skin. We were so impressed that even he noticed the difference in how moisturized his skin was! The shampoo does leave hair a bit oily, I only know this because I once used it on Emilie’s hair. On Daniel’s hair however, his curls absolutely love the extra moisture, they drink all up the extra nutrients and his hair looks amazing! So we don’t need the Conditioning Hair Rinse, but this is available for if you have more oily hair.


Bubiroo Baby Wax R130

It took me a little while to get used to this wax, because of it’s coconut oil base, it’s a harder when cold and softer when warm. Once I got used to not scratching out a blob and try to rub it in on his body, it made a lot more sense. I rub it into my hands first warm up the wax and then smear it on his body! It goes really far so not much is needed. Daniel is able to rub on himself, taste test, and play in the tub too because it is absolutely safe! It has kept one stubborn spot right above his toosh, at bay completely it doesn’t get dry at all. We use it once a day after his evening bath, and his skin has thanked me by staying beautifully smooth.


Bubiroo Healing Balm R145

This was the first product that I ordered when Daniel’s face broke out with eczema and dry spots, and Dorae added some additional essence include Neem specifically for him. Neem is an anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and inflammation, it can dramatically helps with skin regeneration. This healing balm is one of my ultimate favourite products because we literally use it for everything now. Bruises, cuts, swelling everything and I must say the healing time is so much quicker. We get a small tub every month, and every month I order another one because we just find so many uses for it.


We are officially converted! Dorae is absolutely amazing, she is caring and she’s a mother so she understands the struggles! Coupled with her qualifications Dorae is able to pull together a little tub of help for anything you may require. Rubi-Rae the face and inspiration behind the brand, tests all the merchandise before it is released. The Bubiroo range is ever growing and has tons of natural alternatives such as Belly Balm, Prenatal Perineal Oil for the mommy-to-be’s. Bum balm and vapour rub, lip balm, face serum, deodorant, dry shampoo and much more! Check her out on Facebook or Instagram!

In the Meantime – Have you tried out Bubiroo? If not, get onto their online shop, get in touch with Dorae and see what she can do for you!!

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  1. I definitely would love to try that body wash out. My kids have dry skin…nothing major, but I’m lazy with lotion after baths most nights. So if there’s a product that moisturises their skin and frees me up of guilt about not applying lotion, I’m all over that!

  2. My daughter has dry skin in winter and scaly, at the moment we are using E45 which moisturises it. But this healing balm sounds amazing. Can you only purchase this online or is it available at retail stores?

  3. Thank you so much for the awesome review Venean (and Daniel)! 🙂 Especially love putting together that special tub of goodness for you when needed! xx

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