This last week has been a bustle of birthday, which meant baking, shops, and all round busyiness. By the end of Thursday Daniel’s birthday my legs and back were actually burning. I got into bed at 11:30pm with a to do list the size of my arm for the next day. Literally closed my eyes and then the alarm went off again. The rest of it was a blur. I forgot to be emotional and sad about DJ turning 1, I was too busy to realise that his baby stage is now gone. I wasn’t present. When constantly moving for the next thing, wishing for the next planning for the future. How can you be present?

be present

I find that I do this so often. Wish time away, to get to the next exciting event/or thing. Even to get to Friday. Today, while my feelings catch up to where I am. I am choosing to be present. I do this in a really simple way that I was taught a few years back. By asking myself a few questions and really thinking about the answers. Want to try with me?

  1. When you sniff, what can you smell?
  2. What can you see in front of you, around you?
  3. What do you feel right now in this moment? Be it emotions or the texture of the materials or objects around you.
  4. Where are your thoughts? Are they present, future or past. Where do you want them to be?
  5. Are you positive or negative about today, this moment? Is this how you want to feel? Can you change it?

Okay so I have elaborated on my questions throughout the years. But the first three help me to in a really quick way get back to where I am. Right now, I am in a recovery mode. Just trying to go unnoticed until I feel a little better. I’m not really sure how I feel and that’s okay. I smell coffee, and feel the warmth of my pj’s on my skin. I feel the smooth buttons under my fingers as I type. There’s some sport playing in the background and the sound of sleeping children fills our home. That’s where I am. Right now. I am more than excited to share the happenings from this weekend with you this week, but until I find the energy. I am just here.

In the meantime – do you ever feel that way? Exhausted and floating? It’s okay. You’re human. Give yourself a moment to be present.

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  1. I am so bad at wishing the week away in order for it to be weekend again. For me, relaxing one day of the weekend, is key for me to restore balance during the busy week.

    • I am sad to admit that I too am just wishing this week away. I am feeling all out of sorts. And being at work is really not helping me. But pushing through. Thanks for stopping by Alet!

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