It’s no secret we are massive book fans, Daniel will not go to bed without a bedtime story! Currently we are only reading Daddy Long Legs and Cake before bed. Talking about books with your toddler is such an important part of cultivating their love for books in the long run. Apart from good habits, anything that keeps Daniel and Emilie away from the TV from a few extra minutes brings my heart much joy! Couple good habits with a book that not only teaches them to love reading, but acts as an interactive link so that they too can take part in the story and you have a winner!

interactive toddler books

We received three books in the Campbell series, two of them, I am so excited to share with you today. These books are interactive and engaging for toddlers and keep them captivated. You may remember the Pinocchio First Stories review I did a few weeks back. Which was our first experience of these interactive books that helps the toddler tell the story with parents – Daniel loved it!

On the Farm – Push Pull Slide Book

This book is one that we already knew Daniel was going to enjoy as all of his first words were related to farm animals. On the Farm tells the story of a typical day on the farm. Including moveable push pull slide pages that add to the story. They reveal sheep dancing as part of the morning routine, the frog jumping into the lake. Behind the stable doors – are horses waiting to start their day. It even has the farm animals in the barn with eyes that can open and close! Top mom tip, this is a good entrance into bed time, after all the farm animals are sleeping so we probably should too!

interactive toddler books

What will you wear today – Wiggle and Giggle Book!

With a similar concept the wiggle and giggle books allow your child to take part in the story. It makes the story really come alive. By introducing animals in different conditions it assists with understanding of hot cold and gives a few giggles in between. From the giraffe on a windy day, to a goat on a rainy day, to cats in the sun.

These books allow your child to see movement within the book which really make the stories come alive. Daniel loves swooshing the scarf, or lifting the floppy hat of the cat to reveal something new!

interactive toddler books

Why we love the interactive books for toddlers from Campbell!

Not only do they create a space for engaging interactions, the books are designed with toddlers in mind. They are sturdy pages, that wipe clean, and really hard wearing. They introduce new concepts to toddlers in a fun way that keeps them entertained.

On the Farm retails for R111 at Exclusive Books and at Raru for R86, and What will you wear today retails for R125 at Exclusive Books and R96 at Raru.

Disclaimer: These books were sent to me by Pan Macmillan with no obligation for review. As always the views and opinions expressed are my own.

In the Meantime – does your toddler enjoy interactive books too? Do you have any from the Campbell collections?

interactive toddler books


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