A few weeks ago Beauty Bulletin sent me the new Justine Tissue Oil. They claimed that the formula had been changed and the results were twice as fast. Now I’m not saying that I didn’t believe them, but I have been exposed to tissue oils for a long time. And I have never seen one that made me go WOW, this worked so fast. {insert sarcastic tone} It was as though an unspoken rule that even though you didn’t see results that it was working. Or that it would have been better if you started using it sooner. Pffft!

justine tissue oil

My mom is a strong believer is tissue oil so whenever we had a scar – we were oiled. Through both pregnancies I was oiling. And although I didn’t get a single stretch mark on my stomach (where I was oiling), I forgot my sides. The parts which would actually be stretching. So they have really deep dark stretch marks. I was really keen to try this revolutionary new product on them!

First Impressions

The new packaging is chic and feminine, and it smells amazing. The first day to truly get a good first impression and also because my skin is super duper dry – I literally lathered my body in this tissue oil. I half expected to feel like a toffee apple when I went to bed because I put so much on everywhere. But I didn’t, my skin lapped up the tissue oil. The thirst was real! Instead my skin felt soft and supple and I smelt great. Justine was off to a good start in my book.

One week of use

My skin was feeling silky, even after a full day it was still soft and moisturised. I didn’t see any visible effects on my stretch-marks though. With the dryness that come with winter this is really awesome to use all over your body. Just add a few drops to your bath water or squirt some into your aquaeous cream, to ensure moisture throughout the day.

Two weeks of use

If you would like to see my before and after pictures, or any other reviews on this product please click on the link below, and check them out here!

Just in case these aren’t clear enough, my stretch marks are actually lighter. GUYS! My stretch marks. I lost all hope for these stretch marks. THANK YOU JUSTINE!!! Can you imagine what my stretch marks will look like in a month or two? YAY!

The bleh parts, the product as with all Justine products is only available through an agent. So you will need to find one before you can purchase this product. And the price is quite a bit more than your regular tissue oils, but given that the product really does work – one doesn’t mind spending a little bit extra.

As someone who doesn’t really like lotions and a whole lot of cluttering in my life, stretch marks are a thing for me. So knowing that Justine Tissue Oil actually works is a huge up and I will definitely be repurchasing this product. I am not even half way through the bottle now and its half way through the month so the product spreads well and can last. The introductory prices on the product is absolutely awesome at R139 for 100ml (R230 regular pricing).

disclaimer: this product was sent to me as a trade exchange in return for a review on the product, all the views and opinions included are however my own – pinky swear!

In the meantime – they say summer bodies are made in winter! What are you waiting for – check out the Justine website to find a stockist near you!

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  1. I really want to get this. Addison has gnarly scratch marks from Adam so I want to treat the scars on her face before they become permanent. Now to find an agent!

    I do see a difference in the pics! That’s amazing!

    • Right, its so much lighter. I don’t like things that claim instant change so this for me is really cool. Please do try and let me know. xx

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