The wind in your hair, sea sand at your feet, beautiful scenery around you. You are laughing and chatting to friends and loved ones, while small trickles of sweat gather on your forehead. Your heart is racing a little as you pedal slowly (or quickly) on your fat bike. Focusing on the road but also just taking in the ocean you love so much from a completely different perspective.

Sound like fun?

fat bike

Well, it is! This weekend we were invited to experience the launch of the Fat Bike Beach tours in PE. I must be honest initially I was like huh uh, I am not riding. I didn’t even wear the right gear. Then we got there – met all the awesome people from Red Cherry Adventures and the Nelson Mandela Tourism team and between all their cheering and just general blogger banter. Somehow I got my butt on a bike. I wasn’t even sure before that point if I could still ride a bike. But low and behold the idiom is true – you really never forget.

It did take me a few moments to orientate myself but what an awesome experience. I have been down to our beaches hundreds of times, if not thousands. It is my favourite part of Port Elizabeth, but I have never driven down the coast on a bike. Much less a fat bike. The experience is absolutely enthralling. It was the perfect mix of fear and excitement, with a bit of social anxiety thrown in.

Not only did I ride, I also freed down a ramp-type thinga majiggy, rode a bit on the sand. No, I didn’t pop wheelies but lots of people did. Including Mr PE who rode along with us. Getting off the bike I did think my legs were going to cave in but I think that was all part of the fun because they didn’t.

Apart from the sunburn, and the aching butt – I really loved it. Ian did too and he’s really not one for the outdoors. Definitely a must try for the whole family. Something good provided us with refreshments after our trip and we got to try their new coffee blend which is really yum! After we released all those happy endorphins I was more than happy to run around after my toddler for the rest of the day. Can you say winning at life?

To get in on this action you just need to call 041-581 5335, or drop a mail to Their packages range from 2 hours to 3 days and are suitable for all levels of skill and fitness, and you get a guide to ensure you have a good time and are totally safe while doing it. The minimum numbers per group are 6 but can accommodate up to 50 people allowing for a team-building, or big family celebration. Cost is R500 per person including rental of Rapid Fat Cat Pro Fat Bike, the guide, permits, refreshments and a tour depending on the package choice.

fat bike

In the meantime – This holiday has soooo much in store as the NMBT launches loads of new leisure activities (similar to Fat Bike Beach Tours and more) be sure to check them out!

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