The heart is such a complicated vessel, the psychological one I mean, but much like the real one. The signs and symptoms of something being wrong with it, are very vague and not as visible as chicken pox per say. But boy oh boy, when the problems are there – they seemingly spill over into all areas of your life. Enemies of the heart is the kind of book that you don’t want to put down it’s that good. Bringing your own hearts desires, muck and ugliness to light on the other hand is not comfortable, and if you are anything like me – you will stop reading.

enemies of the heart

You will put the book down to reflect, to possibly say a prayer – or tell yourself you don’t know why you are thinking of this because you have already dealt with it.

Forgiven. Asked for forgiveness. Done all you can for the situation in terms of “your end” of it.

In due course though – you will return to it (the book), and continue reading because it’s not the kind of book that you leave on the shelf either. It stays with you – it’s one of those that you could read over and over again and learn something new every single time.

The Enemies of the Heart as described in the book are: Guilt (I owe you), anger (you owe me), greed (I owe me), and jealousy (God owes me). Once you understand that all things can be rooted to one of these emotions life gets a little simpler. You can identify those feelings you have quickly before you start blaming, and passing the buck.

This book touched so many places in my life, like a wave that came really furiously and then once it crashed slowly but still consistently washed over all the nooks and cranny’s in my own heart. Nearing the end of it, as the wave retracted into the ocean, I know in my heart that, that wave will come again. It’s that powerful. Baring in mind, I am also dramatic – and deep.

This book gets a HUGE thumbs up from me.

Light hearted and well written, Enemies of the Heart as you can imagine is also a heavy book, emotionally. However, Andy shares personal experiences and analogies to help you understand in the simplest ways. You are not alone. No matter how guilty you may be. If you have a heart (in other words for everyone) – this will be an amazing read!

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