“Your car insurance unfortunately doesn’t cover that ma’am”, came a voice from inside my phone. These words pierced through me like knives, I was stunned for what felt like hours inside of minutes. “I don’t understand – what do you mean? I thought that…” my voice trailed, tears stung in my eyes as it suddenly occurred to me.

fine print

We had missed something in the fine print.

My husband was out of town, and whilst travelling back home, had had a breakdown. It was nearing afternoon and he was still hours away from home. Our then insurance company had just informed me that, although we had been paying close to 1k per month for insurance. It covered none of what we needed in this situation. I spent an hour arguing in vain, and was left absolutely devastated.

I didn’t know who to call.

What to do.

My husband was stranded in the middle of nowhere, with half a cell phone battery and no solutions. I couldn’t even think straight.

We ended up spending over 10k just to get him to safety and the car to the nearest repair shop and then home. Our bad luck of course continued because we had taken the car to someone who didn’t really know enough about it, and so spent weeks trying to fix something and costing us lots of money we didn’t have. But that’s not what this story is about.

When it comes to insurance I feel like burying my head in the sand because I feel like there are always these little catches that one seems to miss. After what happened to us, I am just that much more careful when looking for a new insurance company.

I was pleasantly surprised when I called King Price Call Centre (+264 83 600 7000) for some information.

Had we been with King Price at the time of our accident – things would have played out differently. For example: in the case of a mechanical breakdown – they offer to tow your car to the nearest place for repair or safekeeping up to 3 incidents a year/ or to the value of R500. Now if you know anything about towing – R500 really isn’t that much. King Price will however ensure that your car is towed and pay the R500 onto whatever is owed; the rest will be for your account.

I was really pleased to find out that if you have a breakdown far from home (over 100km) – I love that this is even catered for! You are covered for one of the following up to the value of R500:

  • Accommodation for the night
  • Taxi service to give you a lift home
  • Rental car – group B (provided that you have credit card – as per rental companies requirements)

They actually have a ton of emergency assist available, and their “fine print” is really not fine. In fact they are quite clear about what they include and don’t include so you can make alternate arrangements. They even have offices in Windhoek, if you are a traveller like my husband. And the carefree lifestyle appeals to you. I mean who wouldn’t be drooling over lunch time siestas? I certainly am!

Also did you know they don’t only cover cars? There is loads of stuff they cover for just N$1 a month. And I am not even kidding.

Check out their website for more info! Get an obligation free quote maybe? You have nothing to lose! If you are still not convinced – call them at +264 83 600 7000 and speak to one of their agents like I did to give you that extra assurance with their insurance!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by King Price, all the details and opinions of the post are however my own. Pink swear!

In the meantime – lesson learnt, READ THE FINE PRINT! Has something like this ever happened to you? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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    • You should definitely call them and find out, obviously it depends on a whole lot of factors specific to you and your car. And their insurance is the only one that decreases monthly.

  1. Insurance companies are so dodgy with the fine print! Like, really bad! In the UK they heavily promote a thing called a “no claims bonus” which actively encourages you NOT to claim for stuff. You can even fight over your ‘no claims bonus’ in divorce court! But we learnt a long time ago that if you pay for it, and need it, just claim it. So many people pay so much money for years and years and years, these massive insurance companies can and should pay out whenever you need to claim. It’s madness when they make it as difficult as possible, and worse, misleading!

    • It is really bad and ridiculous to think how we spend for the what if’s. You are talking about the UK – I know of people who also dont claim for that bonus here. I dont understand why we have insurance if not to use it when needed. Madness is correct! x

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