Do you ever feel like a balloon after a party? You know where you and your family have been flying high for the entire party and you kinda feel like your batteries are flat. You’re trying to stay afloat but eish man, you shiny self feels for being on the ground. So you just sink a little lower and allow yourself to let gravity pull you down. Until eventually you start to get smaller and smaller and the air within you just seemingly gives up. Yep, that is me today.


I’ve never done a life lately post, because well all my highlights and lowlights are already shared with you either here, or via social media. But this last few weeks have been so crazy that I feel the need to unpack a little. As you already know my husband quit his job, which in itself has been a crazy ride of mixed emotions. Daniel turned one, and then a toddler emerged overnight. He also discovered the toilet and I had to find out the hard way that toilet duck is not poisonous. Yeah. Have kids they said. It will be fun. ThenΒ my best friend got engaged, and honestly, all the excitement has been exhausting!

Is that normal? Is it okay to say that? I’m tired and for one week I would really just like to be a crab in a dark hole with very little interaction from the outside world. A little more sleep would be nice too please?


Ootrey launched with lots of late nights this past Friday, and was a roaring success. Daniel is teething in the worst way that I can remember. Although somehow I think if it was worse that I would have chosen to block it out. He has a runny tummy = extra washing, sore ears = no sleep, and his nose is running = irritable baby. Slow clap! This ish has been real! Emilie is coming into her puberty so quickly every time I wipe my eyes out I feel like I’m missing everything. And of course the guilt of doing everything wrong. With snarky comments and a dab of attitude.

Today instead of resting however, I sorted things, packed cupboards and cleaned. It wasn’t the angry kinda cleaning though. It was the kinda clean you do when you are preparing yourself to be productive after some chaos. Although my body is not happy about it. My mind feels clearer – am I crazy? I do this at work when what lies before is so big that I feel like if I clear my desk of all the OTHER stuff it will become a little lesser.


After the cleaning spree, we spent some time in our backyard just chilling with the family while the husband played with the camera. The pictures were hilarious and as fickle and silly as it may sound.Β It does actually help.Β I mean I’m here aren’t I? Writing my little heart out into the internet after kicking myself several times for not posting or having the inspiration to. This time, my trials and tribulations cannot all be attributed to being a parent, BUT just life – as a human being.

In the meantime – deflated, taking some time and bouncing back. And you?

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  1. Love this. We all get like that, living on a high, riding the wave, operating on a high stress level, it’s exhausting. Congrats on the new venture though. So exciting and I wish you all the best! X

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