Today was a hard day, not because anything went outrageously wrong. I mean,Β we woke up a bit later. We were worried about Daniel so he went to the pediatrician. I am not 100% healthy not overly sick, but I have a nagging post nasal drip, that has got me like a dog with a bone. My family is sick. The weather is moody. I haven’t slept like I should be sleeping. (How should we be sleeping?) My back is aching. I have work to do lists that are as long as the hair on my legs – it’s winter okay? Emilie’s homework is unforgiving and it just doesn’t feel likeΒ a good day.

A day when asked what I am grateful for my reply is: the day is over.

Pretty ungrateful right? I have my days. And even though I KNOW that I am more blessed than most, I still find myself in a slump.

Days like this I have to make a choice. I choose to be grateful.Β I choose to not let circumstance or emotion, the weather or any factor outside my control determine how I will feel. By choosing to, I am not becoming a slave to those factors. I read once that it is not joy that makes us grateful but gratitude which makes us joyful. Something to think about right?

So actually I’m choosing joy over all the other things.


Today in the midst of all the crappiness, here is what I am grateful for:

  • I woke up this morning, being alive is a privilege denied to many
  • My family – husband and children who bring me so much joy
  • We may have flu but we are generally in good health, and when we are not – we are blessed enough to be able to go to the Dr should we need to.

And before I go any further – I can think of a million more things to add to that list and suddenly my crappy little day seems like I am a little more spoilt than anything else. Sometimes I’m sure God sits there and just shakes his head at all of our antics.

In the meantime – maybe today you needed a reminder like I did, to be grateful, or maybe you just need a hug because bad days happen to good people. The trick is to bounce back and not stay in your slump. Let’s be grateful because we can – and we have so much to be grateful for.

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14 Comments on Choosing to be grateful

  1. I need a hug if you’re handing them out πŸ˜‰

    Today is supposed to be a day of celebration but I am actually mourning (it’s an “it’s complicated” thing not an actual death) xx

    • Definitely handing them out. Aahhh, hope you feel better soon. Sometimes we owe it to our hearts to mourn when we need to. Because to us its a loss even when its not to anyone else. πŸ™‚ BIG HUGS!!!! Thanks for popping by. xx

  2. There’s always lots to be grateful for! BUT we all have those moments when we aren’t grateful and you know what…it’s okay. We’re human…. the goal is always to just be resilient, and to pick yourself up after a slump <3

  3. Thank you for this great reminder. My top 2 things I am grateful for are exactly the same as yours!! Being alive and having a family is a privilege. It helps to put things into perspective if you focus on what you have.

  4. Thank YOU for reminding me to be grateful. I’ve had a tough week too.
    I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Link is on Twitter and Facebook. Hope you are all feeling better.

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