Maybe it’s the short attention span at 19 months, that has some toys fail and others rocket. Perhaps some toys look to us “adults” like so much fun, when in actual fact they are pretty boring. Especially after the paper comes off! Whatever the reason may be – our toddler plays with 3-4 items out of his boxes of toys.


Last week Fisher Price sent us the MegaBloks Tree house Adventure Box Set to review. Ever since this box has come home – my toddler has played with it continuously. Literally non-stop. I must admit being a girl mom before Daniel, blocks didn’t appeal to me much. I mean I know that they are unisex toys, obviously, but I always fell into the trap of buying dolls, doll houses and the likes to entertain her. Do you think it would help if I let them play with them now?

My good friend over at An Ordinary Gal, has started calling me an Earth Mother because of the way I think about my parenting. So it should come as no surprise that I looked up the benefits of building blocks in toddlers! *insert giggle*


Benefits of building blocks for toddlers:
  • Hand eye coordination is improved – The MegaBloks are sizeable enough for Daniel’s little hands. They come in bright colours and are easy to put together and pull apart. He loves to stack them up as high as he can, and hit them over. Initially he put the pieces together in ways they didn’t fit, and after a day he already knows exactly how they need to fit together. That the bigger parts form a better base and that the little friends that come along work well as a cherry on the top of a tower.
  • Stimulation – Building blocks creates logical thinking, as mentioned above Daniel has already found through trial and error that the flat wider blocks work well as a base. Having blocks fall over, and rebuilding them teaches them about structure. The brightly coloured blocks along with stories and stimulating little “buddies” help create more than just structure.
  • Positive social interactions – Blocks are the kind of toys that children can share with others, heck in our home we all got involved in building this tree-house! (On more than one occasion!) We tell stories about the “buddies” and ask questions, and he absolutely loves this time we can spend with him!


My favourite features of this box set is that we can build onto this 29 piece set, to add more structures, buddies and even cars, trucks and airplanes. The set is applicable to kids between the ages of 1 and 5 years, which means it has a longer lifespan! Thank goodness! They come in different colours, shapes, and with number and character stickers to enhance whatever your toddler may be learning at the time. All in all a big win for Daniel and his overthinking mama bear! A box set retails for around R199 – R299 per set and can be purchased on Takealot.

*Disclaimer – Fisher Price sent me the MegaBloks Adventure Set to review, but all opinions and views are my own.

In the Meantime – Did your children play with building blocks? How long did they play with them?



12 Comments on Toddler toys that last more than just a season! {Megabloks Review}

  1. My kids love blocks. Any blocks, especially this time of year when the weather starts turning. Mega blocks was their fav when they were toddlers! We moved on to Lego now but I remember those years like it was yesterday x

  2. He is so adorable! πŸ’›
    My little person’s first set of blocks (when she was a toddler) was a box of Mega Bloks. They were big and colorful, and she had lots of fun with them. She has since moved on to LEGO and still enjoys building every now and then. 😊
    Thanks for linking up to #LekkerLinky x

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