Some time ago, I got a note in Daniel’s diary to say he had scratched a friend at school. I was absolutely horrified. Yes, I am dramatic. Also I am mildly aware that children around this age do these things. I would just hate to be the parent, the parent of that kid, the one that you feel the need to protect your child from. I guess that fear is probably what’s been driving my “over-sensitivity” to the topic. That was until we started implementing a Time-Out corner!

time out

Daniel’s school teacher informed me of the change in behaviour not too long ago, and we got together to discuss a way forward. Although there was nothing to be seriously worried about – I wanted our efforts to be consistent at home with what was happening at school. His teacher, (Shame she probably thinks I am the most psychotic mom on the planet, but she is so patient with me.) explained their “time-out” technique to us, and how they never use the word naughty because studies show that children are discouraged from good behaviour with this.

Off we went armed with some really valuable advice and a happy heart. The technique is basically just that when he acts out and gets upset, and hits out of frustration, that we remind him that we don’t fight with friends. Friends in the case include family, mommy, daddy or whomever. In a calm voice, we reinforce that we love our friends (for example) and ask him to give hugs. If he hasn’t calmed by this point I will ask him if he needs to go for a Time-Out. To which his reply is always “no”. If he continues though, we place him in an area in sight but out of the way, and he stays there. I count to 10 and then ask him to come give some love. I then reaffirm that we don’t fight, hit or whatever and he agrees.


Sounds really simple right? Well it works like a bomb. So well, that after a week his general fighting at home has really lessened. I don’t even have to put him in Time-Out much, the warning is enough to calm him most times. Although I don’t often get super angry with him, when he intentionally hurts me – it drives me batty. To a point where I have shouted at him, which really doesn’t help because he gets scared and instead of calming he gets more tense, in my experience.

I’m hoping to hear back from the teachers soon and have some good news. Although it definitely wont happen overnight – the progress is worth celebrating!

In the Meantime – Do you use a “Time-Out” corner or something similar? How does it work for you? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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  1. Don’t feel bad hun, had a similar issue but to a greater extent where my kid was actually accused of being a bully and the parent wanted him kicked out of school. I was mortified and heartbroken, however we worked with the school and realized that he was actually being teased for not being able to talk properly at the time and also had lots of change going on in his life. We also implemented time outs and hugs, and I can report his teacher now says that he is the fastest developing little one and enforces the rules in class hehe….

    • Ahhh thank you so much for sharing, this gives me so much hope. I completely understand how you must have felt that would be devastating! I’m so glad that it worked out so well for your little one! xxx

  2. My daughter Bella goes to the same school as Daniel. He is such a cutie and so friendly! We have tried the time-out technique at home as they do it at school but Bella doesn’t seem to take it seriously. Sometimes she knows she has done something she shouldn’t have and she will go to the naughty corner without me even asking her to and does so wearing a super cheeky grin on her face. Sometimes straight after the time out, our big hug and little chat she will go and do the same thing again….it is so frustrating. Do you have any alternative techniques or ways of speaking to them so that they will hopefully listen, understand and learn from their behaviour? Your blog is fantastic, today is the first time I have seen it and it I am enjoying it thoroughly.

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