RecentlyΒ the world’sΒ last living male northern whiteΒ Rhino died. Isn’t sad to think how this incredibly majestic species is on the verge of extinction? How our grandchildren may not one day be able to see it in real life? The last time Ian and I visited a wildlife park, the absolute surrealism of being in the presence of such a creature wrecked me. I was so overwhelmed. For this reason I absolutely love supporting initiatives that are fighting thisΒ – not only for us, but for generations to come.

rhino coin bank

WildLife ACT a non-profit organisation, dedicated to preserving endangered wildlife within South Africa have teamed up with Prima Toys. In support of our most iconic and endangered wild creatures – the Rhino, once again! They have worked together in the past to raise funds to help feed and care for baby rhinos orphaned as a result of poaching. To keep supporting this cause, Prima has launched Rhino Coin Banks! As you can see these adorable soft toy rhino’s are plushies but also serve as piggy banks!

Our home went crazy when we received this cute plushie, with a built in money box. Not only do we love animals, but Daniel has a special place for Rhino’s which is probably why the thought that he may one day not be able to see one roaming in a park is so incredibly sad for me. This adorable plushie slash money box, has a plastic container in it’s belly to hold cash and coins. Under its belly, it has a removable stopper to make it easily accessibly and reusable. We absolutely love it!

rhino coin bank

For every purchase R10 will be donated back to WildLife Act, who facilitates the funding of various organisations that care for the orphaned rhinos until they are old enough to be released back into the wild. The plushies are on sale at all leading toy specialists and supermarket stores for R199.99.

In the Meantime – Do you love the Rhino Coin Bank as much as we do? Have you purchased yours already? What better gift for the Rhino lover in your circle?

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