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Sometimes I think being a mother gets a bad wrap. Shame, I am not much help because I feel like sometimes I complain talk a lot about the bad stuff, it’s not intentional though. I don’t tell people I’ve been up since 4:30am because I want them to think motherhood is terrible. It’s not. No, really I’m not even kidding. I love being a mom. Aside from the lack of sleep, and forgetting to brush your hair some days – really, there are perks!

Firstly, it is absolutely inherent to my being, and I can’t imagine myself not being a mom. I decided that after it took me forever to explain why I rocked motherhood last week, I would get some reasons together about why I love it. Which is WAY easier!

I get to experience EVERYTHING for the first time again.

With my kids, I get to experience everything for the first time through them. It is the most amazing thing to see my son taste things for the first time – to watch his expressions, his eyes light up with every new discovery and how awesome everything is.

They remind me that life is about more than just rushing through it, waiting for the next big thing!

Since becoming a mom, I colour in, I bake, I create traditions for our family. I write letters from the Easter bunny. I take pictures, and treasure moments. I have stopped wishing time away because having them growing so fast isn’t what I want. My life is full of substance and means more than just waiting for a weekend.

They make me brave.

So many times, I have done things for my children. Things that today I am so proud of myself for. For one – I got through part time studies, 6 years of it and graduated. Such a huge sacrifice – but so worth it. Because I wanted to be an example but also because I wanted their lives to be better. I tried and tried again for my licence this year – and then I got it!

They teach me what love really being a mom

Children are so simple. They make life so simple and easy. They show me how easy it is to love and what unconditional love actually means. How to mean what you say and say exactly what you mean. The Bible talks about child-like faith, believing without reason or proof. My children remind me what God wants from us in love and faith.

Their joy alleviates my pain.

When I hear my children laughing it makes my world better. I can’t help but laugh and smile with them. They light up my life. I’m sure this is exactly the same for all moms – even with my kid – see below.

Laughing babies make me laugh, this one gets me because it’s my laughing baby ❤❤❤❤ #danieljohn

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Also there are some tongue in cheek reasons like – never having to be on time again, hello! I have a baby. Plus! You get to eat all the Easter eggs, to save them from that sweet overload. Right? I mean the intention here is soooo good? Gran and grandpa surely knew I would eat Daniels bunnies. Right?

So although I am often heard talking about all the “iffy” parts of motherhood, please don’t let me put you off. I adore my role as a mom. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything, not a clean house, more money, or less stress. Because my joys are doubled, and I get to make a difference in the world – through raising a young man and woman of God. They type of people that I would want to lead our country in big and small ways one day.

I am so proud of my little people, they might just be the best thing I have done in the world.

In the meantime – do you love being a mom too? I would love to hear your reasons!

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