As you know, I find mommy-ing with two quite challenging, not just because of the age gap but probably because I was a single mother of one for so long as well. When I was introduced to Supna from WeGo kids I was absolutely in awe. She kindly sent me some parenting tips that she lives by and I saw so much value in them, I just had to share them with you!

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Supna is really driven to work on her parenting everyday, to help parents, and evolve the parenting culture. Being a mother of triplets and having WeGo kids both feed that purpose. However as you can imagine they can also both be really all consuming at times. Supna shares with us how she stays grounded, present and stress free. She is, I’m told, one of the least stressed people you’ll ever meet, she achieves this by setting goals.

1. Write down your parenting goal. Supna recommends parents do this during pregnancy. Goals are fluid, and they’ll change she explains, that is okay. When you have a parenting goal to focus on, it helps you to stay grounded in the midst of chaos. Answering the question “What type of child do I want to raise?” for example. For Supna the answer is “To raise compassionate, empathetic leaders.”. She then uses this goal to guide her day. She adds that if an activity doesn’t support your goal, your child should not be doing it. With older children, having them set their own goal and pick activities that feed those goal can really make a difference. This is something I am definitely incorporating not only in my parenting but also just in different aspects of my life. As per #2.

2. Set a personal goal. Just pick one. For Supna, her personal goal is to do 1 thing everyday to move her company forward and help parents. Some days, it’s might be a baby step, some days bigger ones the key though is to celebrate it EVERYDAY!!

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3. Stop multitasking. (Ahhhhh, I believe in this with my entire heart) The worst thing you can do in your life is not be present in every moment. Time blocking allows you to focus on one task at a time, and be present. It increases productivity, reduces stress, and will actually make you happier. It also helps you be present in your parenting. When it’s parenting, it’s parenting time for Supna she has no phones, no distraction and is 100% with her children.

I mentioned WeGo Kids earlier and in case you were wondering what its all about – Supna is based in Florida and has created a website around fun ways to teach children to choose positive behaviours. While still making it easier and more fun for the family to be active together. It is a one stop place to go for any parenting or pregnancy related information. Covering issues like teaching children financial responsibility, to raising emotionally intelligent children to and even what to feed your kids!

You can follow Supna and her team on these links… Facebook, Instagram, WebsiteParent Talk Channel!

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In the Meantime – the best tip for me is writing down my parenting goal which (gasp!) I have never actually done or put much thought too. I think it will most definitely help making all the major parenting decisions we are grappled with daily. Just asking yourself if “this” supports that goal. Have you made a parenting goal? Let me know in the comments

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  1. I have many, many parenting goals. Some of which I set when I was pregnant. Reading this post made me realize that I never set a “main” goal but more like sub categories.
    I guess my main objective is to raise an open minded child.
    Thank you for this post. I appreciate the perspective ❤️

    • Thanks for reading! I too never had one main goal – and I’m still thinking of it in a broader perspective that encapsulates all these things..

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