It may be the fact that I run after a toddler, it may be that my feet are super sweaty and I always wear closed shoes. For some reason though, my feet are dry and tired. Oh So Heavenly sent over their FootSpa range for review on my birthday and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

tired feet

First up I tried the Sole Repair range which includes an Exfoliating Foot Scrub and an Intensively Nourishing Foot Serum. This range smells absolutely amazing, the Foot Scrub has natural pumice and nourishing Shea Butter which effectively helps to reduce callus build up without stripping skin of moisture. The Foot Serum replenishes and moisturises dry tired feet without leaving an oily residue. While the Shea Butter assists with locking in moisture and promises to leave skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

The Foot Scrub in this range, is one I would recommend for ladies whose feet aren’t too hard and dry. Although the moisture is definitely more noticeable, you may be scrubbing for a bit longer to get the desired effect. I love this for a during the week pamper session. My favourite item in this range however is the serum, although the pump function is a little irritating because it gives very little serum per pump. It spreads well and is light and absorbent. So you don’t feel like you can’t walk on your feet after. Or in my case – like I’m going to start sweating!

tired feet

Next I tried the Sole Therapy range, this includes a Heavy Duty Foot Scrub, Heel & Callus Balm, Foot & Shoe Spray and Odour Control Foot Powder. The Heavy Duty Foot Scrub includes natural pumice as well which buffs away rough spots and lifts dry, dead skin from heel to toe. Enriched with Marine Minerals Complex, this scrub promises to renew feet. Oh so Heavenly’s Heel & Callus Balm has been formulated with 40% skin softening ingredients specifically to target hard, dry, cracked heels. The Foot & Shoe Spray works to instantly cool, refresh and protect feet and shoes against odour. Kinda like little feet ninjas combating odour causing germs. Odour Control Foot Powder, prevents odour, deodorises feet and effectively absorbs perspiration.

The Heavy Duty Foot Scrub really does give the pumice feel, you can hear it, scrubbing away dead skin and rough spots. All the while inhaling the most amazing smells coming from this tube. After rinsing, it definitely had done a heavy scrub, although my heels weren’t completely clear, it had made a noticeable difference. I followed this with the Heel & Callus Balm, and as they say – within a few days, you noticeably have softer feet! Hooray! My favourite part of this range is the refreshing feet spray. I carry this around with me, because of my sweating it’s lovely to have something that cools me down from the bottom up. I also use the powder daily, in my shoes and on my feet before bed.

The range starts at only R19.99, and there is currently an awesome 3 for 2 special on at Clicks! Perfect opportunity to stock up for Mother’s Day and treat yourself at the same time! Out of the two the Sole Therapy range is my personal favourite only because I feel like my feet need the heavier duty, but also because of the foot spray and powder! These ranges are affordable and an awesome gift idea for that special lady or man in your life, because when your feet feel good, your face shows it.

Disclaimer: Oh so Heavenly sent me these products for review, however as always the opinions and thoughts are my own.

In the Meantime – Have you tried any of the Oh So Heavenly Foot Spa ranges for your tired feet? Let me know in the comments.

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