The first memory I have of my hyperhidrosis dates as far back as primary school, grade 3. I remember trying to explain the best way that my little 9 year old heart could, to my then teacher. I had tried my best to not sweat all over my pages, and even though I was always trying – my work was seen as shody or careless. I really couldn’t help that everything was wet and then dried and dirty. That my needlework was a lot harder for me to keep clean. I remember her face. The embarrassment and shame. How angry I was with myself that this was something that was happening to me.

More so that I couldn’t do anything about it.

I dealt with it better as I got older. Ways like always carring extra exam pads in my school bag, so that I could have a page or two just to absorb the sweat. I stopped trying to fit in by wearing sandles. My feet somehow sweat more when open and get really dirty and slide in my shoes. It gets tiring to explain why my feet were glistening all the time. When puberty came round, certain brands became staples in our home. With all the hormones and everything additional that happens at that age, I was always smelling like sweat. No anti-antiperspirant ever took it away, but it helped me. It’s probably why I’m a honed in mom with Emilie now that she’s becoming a lady.

A big part of my life has been influenced by this disorder. So when I started seeing all my blog buddies start doing write ups about a “cure” it peaked my interest. Not because any of them knew that I even had this disorder, I recall reading the articles and thinking people actually have no idea how hard this is to live with. I also realised I don’t help this situation one bit, by being ashamed, and holding back. By never sharing about it because actually it freaken sucks.


I reached out to Iontoderma and they sent me a machine to review – accckkkkk! I remember crying when I got the mail because right now it wouldn’t have been something we could afford to get. The success rate for this machine is 98%, they believe it in so much that they will give you your money back if you fall within the less than 2% that this doesn’t work for. The service is absolutely lovely, and the machine got here in no time, literally I mean it came from Canada – and it was here within a week. The machine itself is really light and compact and easy to travel with. I’m going to start trying it out this weekend.

I must admit that I am a little scared, it involves water and electricity and the guide mentions something like “try a low voltage to start with” and “see what you can handle” and I’m like pain? Are you kidding. It’s partially why it’s just been sitting in the lounge for two weeks staring at me. That and my son was rushed to ER last week – but that’s a story for another blogpost.

This though, is the start of my journey – my journey toward being more open about this disorder to help others who may be suffering too, to know that they are not alone. I will be sharing some of my experiences, ways that I cope, more information on hyperhidrosis as well as video’s of myself trying the Iontoderma machine. If you would like to share this journey with me be sure to subscribe to my page on the top right hand corner under my picture!

In the meantime – do you have hyperhidrosis? How do you cope? If not do you know someone who may be affected by this disorder?

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    • Thinking about it now, it makes me sad too. Just for the amount of children going through this where their parents don’t know what it is or how to best help their children. The current solutions are only really for adults so its something that you kinda just have to put up with… I am hoping that this machine means there is something for it. Thanks for stopping by! x

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