Be a good parent they say. It sounds easy enough right? Sigh! I’m having a “woe is me” day – where I feel like a failed parent. (Again!) I have those days – I’m sure you do too. Where all I can do is say prayers for my child. I realised that she is insecure about one of her features, something that she, has somewhere between the start of her school career, and now, become aware of. This awareness that she has is basically that this feature isn’t like everyone else’s. Initially mommy instincts? March down to the school and just bring down the house! Who told her that she wasn’t like everyone else? Even so, who made her believe that this was a bad thing?

prayers for my child

Before I can even finish the thought, my heart breaks. I can see the hurt, in this stage in her life where friends and peers mean so very much – how can I her mom, make this better? Along with this situation comes a string of new and old fears. Fears that I cannot protect her from everything, or be there all the time. It’s in times like these I find myself freaking out – getting weepy, and then taking a few deep breaths, becoming still and just saying a prayer.

I don’t have all the answers, in fact I don’t even have most of them… and the answers I have are very few if any. They go along the lines of “Yes, you can go for a play-date”, “Your socks are in the second drawer” and “I packed your sports clothes in the bag by the door”. In times when I fall short of words, books like “Prayers for My Child” sent to me a few weeks ago by Christian Art Distributors fill in the gaps for me.

It is not possible to share something I don’t possess. How could I equip my growing children to inhale the breath of God if I had no breath myself? – Edie Melson, Prayers for My Child.

prayers for my childMelson’s book covers your children in prayer whether near or far, young or old. Edie brings the fears in all our hearts to light and replies to them in the most powerful way. In prayer. She understands the power of God’s love not only for us but for our children. This book answers the questions in your heart that you don’t have the strength to say out loud, and puts the words in your mouth and mind to give peace to your waning heart.

I wish I had got this book so much sooner, we have been through so much already. Times when I could muster in prayer was “Lord you know my heart…” I know that was enough. We can always improve though right? Prayers for my child has given me a lot of peace about the things in her life that I cannot control, just knowing that God has got this. I wish this for all parents! Sleeping because you know the One who never sleeps is watching over your most prized possessions.

If you want to get your hands on “Prayers for my child” it is available at CUM books and leading retail stores for R149.95 and you can pick it up online here.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by Christian Art Distributors with no obligation to review, or post about. All views and opinions are as always my own.

In the Meantime – Do you too fall short of words when you heart slumps? What prayers do you pray for your child, when words fail you?

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  1. This book sounds like a good resource…. ESP when youre frazzled and just don’t know what is what anymore. If that makes sense. (I’m clearly feeling frazzled right now)

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