This last month has been so insane, to a point where I felt like someone was going to jump out and be like “Ha! We got you – smile for the camera”. No such luck yet though – but the jury is still out, so it could be still coming. As a family we have been to see our Dr 7 times in the month of June. I like the number 7, but going to the Dr that many times is a little draining. Okay very draining! What I didn’t mention when I wrote the post about Motherhood kicking my ass, was that although I was really struggling – I did have help.


A village.

it takes a village

After Emilie was diagnosed with whooping cough, I called in my troops. The big guns! My mom came to stay over. She helped with supper, taking care of Emilie, tidying, washing, whilst I nursed a sick husband, back spasms and a teething toddler. It was still hard. But wow – there were nights I was able to go to bed at 7pm.

I struggle with accepting “defeat” when it comes to parenting. Whether it be guilt (of which I have an overflow) or just making mistakes. In turn this decision was difficult, but so rewarding. Partly because my moms (both of them – mom-in-law and mom) are like the queens of running a home. They folds things differently, they have a system with washing. Their cooking is amazing, and they have patience for days.

It meant a little more peace in my heart, sleeping a little easier, not having to wake up for both kids. All I had to do was ask. Simple right? Not really but so worth it. It made me think about the saying “It takes a village”, we all know it. We agree with it whole heartedly as well. Do we literally take it to heart though? I’m not so sure. I definitely didn’t. Something tells me though that whoever said it takes a village, knew something about pouring from an empty cup.

it takes a village

She knew that in order for you to look after your family, and do it well. You also need to look after yourself. That means asking for help before you are about to break. It means if you need rest, it’s alright to sleep, a day off, a bath, a longer than necessary toilet break. Whatever it is that you need for your own sanity – it’s fine to need it, and to take it. Your family will thank you for it. You will be a better mother for it too.

Emilie is currently with her grandparents recovering, to lower the chances of reinfection from the other sickies in our home. Ian is on the mend, and although Daniel’s teething seems to just be beginning, things are looking up. I am able to look back and say His grace is sufficient for me. Even when things are insane and absolutely unfair – there is enough grace for every situation.

School holidays are here, and this calls for full on supermom-mode. If you need a break, take it. You deserve it!

In the Meantime – Do you believe in the saying “It takes a village”? If you do – who is your village?

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