Introducing a potential husband to a girls father is no small feat, as many of you will know. There’s a lot of tension, expectations, and of course, there’s intent. I was especially nervous because my father, a biker, car extraordinaire, and a particularly difficult man has never been short of the wrong thing to say. Their first meeting didn’t go completely as planned. A love for cars, however, albeit differences of opinions about favourites and which are the best, bridged the gap, the generational gap between them. It even laid the foundation, for a beautiful relationship.

generational gap

Last month Hot Wheels turned 50! Half a decade of bridging generational gaps, building bonds, and creating memories to last a lifetime. There is something nostalgically unique about a little boy playing with a toy car that his father played with, especially when it’s a toy car that his father’s own father played with. It’s one of the many reasons Hot Wheels is so special. Irrespective of your preferences Hot Wheels has over 130 new car designs released each year. Rest assured! They have you covered.

I’ve been with my husband for over 6 years. And when my father and husband get together, moving to our garage or his is an inevitable part of their conversation. Hot Wheels has created for them, something special which they can now share with our son, Daniel. In celebration of their 50th-anniversary, Hot Wheels sent us a hamper, sparking a new kind of excitement in our home.

generational gap

Items that speak to the new Hot Wheels City which is being introduced this year. A system of play, compatible with others, that allow children between 3 and 6 to build a Hot Wheels world. Ladies, I can feel that I will be losing parts of my home to this very soon.

Also included, to my father’s delight specific 50th-anniversary products including a Black & Gold Themed Assortment, Zamac Themed Assortment, a Premium Collector Favourites Assortment and a special 5 pack – with distinctive 50th-anniversary branding on all 2018 products in the track set range! Hot Wheels has sponsored one lucky reader with this very hamper to ignite the passion in your home!

generational gap


To win a Hot Wheels Hamper worth R700 all you need to do is:

1. Like the pinned competition post on my Facebook page,

2. Let me know in the comments below, who the Hot Wheels fan is, in your home?

Be sure to comment with the name used on Facebook so that I can put the two together and ensure you add the correct email address in the comments so that I can mail you should you be the winner. The competition will close on Friday 13 July at 16:00. I will select a winner using and the decision is final. Announcement will be made on my Facebook page on Saturday 14 July 2018, so be sure to follow so you don’t miss the announcement. If no response from the winner is received in 48hrs a new winner will be selected. This competition is only open to South African residents. Hot Wheels will be responsible for delivery of the prize.

*Disclaimer – This post was done in collaboration with Hot Wheels, but all views and opinions expressed above are my own.

In the Meantime – Happy Birthday Hot Wheels! Wishing you another 50 years of bridging the generational gap, and creating squeals of excitement for dads and little boys everywhere!

54 Comments on Hot Wheels has been bridging the generational gap for 50 years! {WIN!!}

  1. I would love this for my little boy who at 8 months is loving cars which his 5 yo sister plays eith him ❤️

  2. My little 5 year old loves cars. It keeps him occupied for hours. I love listening to his creative stories when he plays. especially when catching the bad guys with his Batman Hot Wheels car 😉

  3. My 3.5 years old boy is mad about hot wheel cars. He plays for hours and we make obstacles and roads for him during winter. He would absolutely love this hamper.

  4. My 9 year old son is the fan in our house, he started a collection a little while ago so he would be ecstatic if he won this hamper!

  5. My 3 year old daughter Isabelle is a car enthusiast! She loves all things cars! And of course my Hubby!

  6. The biggest car fanatic is my husband. He has a big collection. When my daughter was born we had to keep some away in order to make space. She follows after her father’s foot steps as she also loves playing with cars.

  7. My son, Liam, loves Hot wheels. He even checks underneath his cars to see which ones are actual Hot wheels. Secretly though, I am the biggest Hot Wheels fan, because I don’t need any persuasion to buy more every time we go to the shops 😁😊

  8. Malachi and dad are big fans and surprisingly mommy bear to. Love all the hot wheels items especially where you can build the tracks etc.

  9. My son Matthew (10) has been a fan since forever…! Going “How Wheel” shopping is quite the story in our house, as it takes him ages to decide on which cars he wants. He is very proud of his collection, and often “donates” some to his little cousin! (SHARING IS CARING) 🙂

  10. Def my 5 year old son but my 2 daughters and their dad have a fun time connecting all the sets that they can find in the house and having a hot wheels race . We have about 10different sets given to then as gifts so it’s hours of entertainment . They would be delighted to win another one

  11. My 5year old son is a big hot wheels fan.Going to Pick n Pay Acres with him and not walking out with a hot wheels car is rare.They get tucked in under his duvet when he goes to school.

  12. This will be for my little girl who is turning 6 next month and she loves cars. Shared on facebook (Janel Sunderlall) & Twitter (@J_Sunderlall)

  13. Not anyone in my house (can’t convince my Barbie loving daughters to like cars) but would love to win this for my nephews collection!

  14. My 9 year old son has started a “collection”, he would love this prize so he can grow what he already has to make it into a real collection.

  15. My husband is the biggest fan ever. Now with our almost 3 year old twin boys, the addiction just became worse

  16. My 3yr old little boy absolutely loves hot wheels! He would be in his element and of course his dad would be too…they can spend hours together playing with the cars 😀

  17. My 3 year old boy Preston has been playing with hot wheels since he was a baby. His cars go everywhere with him. Super Hot Wheels fan:-)

  18. I started collecting hot wheels when I found out I was pregnant with a boy, he was a miracle micro preemie. His first birthday is in September and we are having a hot wheels themed birthday party.

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