Relatable stories with lessons are always a favourite for me with my littlies. Frog Hops Off, one of the books received from Pan Macmillan is just that. Add to that animals, that are young and beautifully animated, with quick easy toΒ follow storyΒ lines – you have a winning recipe for a children’s story!Β Daniel loves that each picture has more than just the characters, they include a lot of detail so there is a lot for him to point out in terms of colours and familiar things.

frog hops off

Frog loves to bounce, and when he is excited he bounces even more. Frog is exceptionally excited as today is a day of exploring at school. Even though Daddy did remind Frog to listen to Miss Hoot while they were exploring. Frog couldn’t believe his luck, it was going to be better than he imagined – exploring the great underground. He had never been underground before! Frog could barely contain his hops. Eventually his excitement got the best of him and he went ahead, without the class.

When he eventually he stopped… he thought about all the scary things that could be living down there. When he turned around however he realised he was lost! Oh no! How scary! What happens to Frog? Could he meet new friends? Stay lost and alone underground? Or be found by a strange creature? To find out you will need to get your hands on Frog Hops Off! by Lydia Monks which will be coming out in June 2018 to stores near you!

frog hops off

We thoroughly enjoyed this one, definitely a favourite for Emilie to read to her little brother! This story is a warm, funny little adventure with a good message about the consequences of not listening to your elders. Monks has coupled beautiful illustrations of adorable animal characters to have your toddlers, pre-schoolers and beginner readers absolutely enthralled!

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Disclaimer: Pan Macmillian sent us this book, with no obligation to review. All thoughts and opinions of Frog Hops Off! are as always my own.

In the Meantime – Would you like to read Frog Hops Off? What are your favourite stories with lessons for the children?

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  1. Thanks for this. I’m always looking for book recommendations. This book sounds quite similar to some Australian books we have about possums. So cute.

  2. I NEEEEEEED this book….. this is what we are currently teaching my 4 year old who is battling with the art of listening. Can’t wait for it to be available in stores . Thanks so much for sharing

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