Although Daniel was an exclusively breastfed baby, bottles were and still are a vital part of our lives. Sometimes I really just needed a break. Of course when Daniel started day care, finding a bottle that could mimic the breast without the risk of nipple confusion was a mission. This coupled with the fact that bottles generally cause winds – caused us searching high and low. The Difrax S-bottle is the ideal bottle for preventing stomach cramps, with their unique anti-colic system! Difrax have graciously agreed to treat one of my readers to not just one but two of their S-baby bottles! YAY!


The ergonomic shape of the S-baby bottle allows your baby to lie in their natural rounded position, with their heads raised a bit while drinking. It also allows you a much more relaxed position whilst feeding. Much like breastfeeding, this increases eye contact between you and your baby during this special time, but also allows dad, or other family members to become involved.

The unique anti-colic system ensures a constant flow of air from the bottom of the S-bottle, without causing a vacuum. This means that the air enters and stays at the bottom of the bottle without mixing with the milk. Thereby reducing the risk of colic, burping and vomiting. To add to this, because the air does not mix with the milk all essential nutrients are preserved.

Bottle caps are just for protecting the teats right? Not with the S-bottle, this cap indicates measures up to 30-50ml. This can help you give your baby the right amount of formula or breast milk straight from birth. The teats are BPA-free, odourless and tasteless, easy to sterilise and don’t carry any risk of latex allergies. I think the best part is probably that you can take it apart from top to bottom, which not only is ideal for cleaning but you can replace all the parts too!


The S-bottle’s bottom is detachable, so you can fill it up with formula or frozen cubes of breast milk from the bottom. It also comes in 4 convenient sizes and 2 designs. The sizes include 170ml and 250ml in the natural design, and 200ml and 310ml in the wide design, taking you through all the phases your baby may need.

To win TWO 310ml wide design, 20cm S-shaped bottles, from Difrax! All you need to do to get in on this awesome prize is follow the instructions in the widget below! GOODLUCK!

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  1. This competition is only open to South African residents.
  2. Entries will be verified to ensure that all the steps have been followed – if not your entry will be disqualified.
  3. The competition closes on the 1 May and the winner will be selected shortly thereafter. Announcements will also be made on Facebook so be sure to follow me there so you don’t miss it.
  4. Winners will be contacted via email, and if no response is received within 48 hours a new winner will be selected.
  5. Prizes will be delivered by the sponsors.


In the Meantime – have you tried the Difrax bottles? What has your experience been?

17 Comments on Why you should be using the Difrax S-baby bottle + WIN 2 for yourself!

  1. I really like the anti colic system that prevents stomach cramps. My grandson Daniel is in NICU 13 days today and struggling with stomach cramps. I can imagine using the Difrax S baby bottle will help him.

  2. There’s two mommies to be in my family. I’d love to gift them each with one. I like that the cap can be used to measure milk and the anti colic system that prevents burps.

  3. This is a very interesting bottle. I like the idea of it all coming apart for easy cleaning. I run a place of safety and often have babies with feeding challenges. I would love to test this system to see if they really do work for colic.

  4. Love the unique shape including the detachable bottom not to forget the anti-colic system. Would love to win these for my angel.

  5. Sounds like a great product. I’m actually looking for bottles and dummies that would work well with breastfeeding 🙂 looking forward to try then out!

  6. I love that it ensures a constant flow of air from the bottom of the S-bottle reducing the risk of colic, burping and vomiting. As I am expecting my first child, I want to use safe products for my baby. Ensuring that she is happy and healthy.

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