When I became a mother, I was only 19 years old and I had no idea the sacrifice. The strength that would be required of me to do this immense job I had been assigned. Back then we didn’t have platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter to post questions. To get instant answers – from other mom’s and people who wanted to help you. It was just you, you and your screaming, innocent little baby. Times have changed and one thing I do love about our the technological age we live in is, there are new developments in medical science everyday. They are understanding more and more about the why questions.

The Vital Neonatal Conference

As a mother during those first few days, weeks ah, who am I kidding – years, there are a lot of questions. A lot of trial and error and a truckload of fear. I have been breastfeeding my son for 15 months, 1 year exclusively. It was a struggle, a struggle and also my biggest accomplishment. I couldn’t have done that without attending workshops, educating myself by reading books, asking questions and getting support.

That’s why I am sooo excited to be attending the Vital Neonatal Conference, on December 2nd – right here in Port Elizabeth! And not just because my 15 month old has just been in theatre – although I’m sure this has a lot to do with it too.

We do better when we know better.

The conference provides a platform for guidance on the best practices and advancements in Neonatal care, preterm birth and care. Brain and sensory development, breastfeeding. Nutrition for mother and child, the neurosciences of zero separation, kangaroo care, newborn hearing screening and family centered care.

This jam packed conference boasts goodie bags to the value of R1800 for the first 100 registrations. The program will include speakers around the likes of Dr Jack Newman (Breast Feeding Clinic Founder: Toronto). Judy Moore (NATUS Medical Incorporated), Dr Nils Bergman (Public Health Physician and Honorary Lecturer at UCT). Mrs Jill Bergman (Author and Producer in the area of Kangaroo Mother Care) and Ms Chantelle Witten (Senior Lecturer at UWC). It will run from 08:30 to approximately 14:30 with lunch and refreshments included.

This is an absolute steal for only R350 per person! I know I know where do you get your tickets, they are available at http://www.babypreemieandme.com or you can drop a mail to contact@babypreemieandme.com. What’s more is if you order through In the Meantime (me), the organisers have offered a 30% discount which means you only pay R245! Aaaaccckkkk! So exciting. Drop me your details below so I can get you in touch with the organisers. 🙂

In the meantime – Who’s joining me at the Baby Preemie and Me: Vital Neonatal Conference? I’m signed up for knowing better, are you?

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