First of all let me start off by saying we have been waiting for Avengers Infinity War since 2012 when Thanos made his first appearance in The Avengers post credit scene. This movie was the culmination of the last 10 years of Marvel movies and the 19th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ian and I got tickets for the second screening on the day it was released, the cinema was PACKED! Marvel fans EVERY-WHERE. All of them doing this nod like although they didn’t really know one another the fact that you dragged yourself out of bed at this hour to come to the movies…we are on the same page. We have a common goal. Dare I say it? We are friends, if only just for the next couple of hours.

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When the first screening came out – we all looked for some kind of hint, a laugh, a satisfied grin on another fan’s face. Someone who had been through what we were about to experience. (I gave Ian three rescues before we left to go – he was that wound up!) There was nothing. Everyone’s face were absolutely blank. No expression. Actually if I’m honest… it was more of a… what the heck just happened kinda, did I miss something face. It did make us a little more anxious but all the more excited to just get in and start it.

The Non-Spoiler Review: Avengers: Infinity War

I LOVED Avengers Infinity War so much! I’ve watched it quite a few times, and every time I tell Ian why this movie really moved me. Thanos is one of the best villains ever. Not just because he’s powerful and determined. But he is not all bad, okay he is really bad-ass! There is just so much humanity about him, and although he was insane in his crusade – he is a man of his word. Somewhat honourable in my opinion utterly psycho but he has a heart and is actually capable of love.

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As expected the movie picks up all the characters in the Marvel Universe, only Ant Man was excluded from this film. (which is explained in his subsequent film Ant Man and the Wasp – which obviously ties into the Avengers story at the end in an epic way! I’ll be reviewing this one soon too so keep a look-out for that. There may or may not be a giveaway linked too!) The action scenes are incredible and you are literally sitting at the end of your seat the entire movie. The ending though… every single person understood in a disgustingly complete way why every person walked out of the cinema with a blank expression because we all experienced that too.

We drove home that day in silence. Not able to articulate. What the heck? That’s all we kept saying. Part 2 of Infinity War screen in May of 2019 and we will be biding our time until then! Luckily we have Captain Marvel coming out in March 2019 to give us some more to chew on until we meet Thanos one more time!! Acccckkk!

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In the Meantime – What did you think of Avengers Infinity War?

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  1. We LOVED this movie so much, but poor Josh gets so teary at the end. He keeps asking when the next one is coming out! lol

    I enjoyed this review….but rushed a bit because I wanted to get to the ‘enter’ part…..Joke was on me. #NotImpressed LOL

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