So I’ve been quiet again for a few days – but making every effort to stay determined to keep blogging.

This weekend was absolutely fantastic, I planned my blog, got some free time, was completely and totally inspired by a blog I read about playing more and through that achieving all your goals – (more about that later this week) and I did play this weekend. Not too much – but hey you have to start somewhere.



My nanny dropped us at 21:45pm on Sunday evening.

***(Let me just give you some time to process how incredibly disheartening this was for us)

Are you over it? Not yet? No. Me neither. None the less. I barely slept Sunday evening. My poor beautiful sweet child had no care giver. How do you even come to terms with that?

Insert mom guilt. Insert feelings of inadequacy because I have opted to allow another person to look after my little boy. Do you feel it yet? Good! Now times that by 10.

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We eventually decided to put our Daniel into a daycare (this was after a lot of frustrated back and forth-ing). Went around and visited around 7 or 8 daycares – tips for how to go about doing this up on the blog later this week too! And finally late last night decided on one we both love! It is not home. It is not mom or dad. But it’s a place I feel comfortable leaving my tiny tot for now – I have no misconceptions that I may or may not feel like I have made a mistake 500 times before he starts and possibly after.

Now the prep for a new journey begins. Daniel goes to daycare!

In the meantime – my in-laws came to the rescue and are home spoiling him with attention for this week before he starts his new big adventure. My heart can rest and I can sleep easy again.

2017 – I hope that this bump in the road is by no means any indication of anything to come.





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