After giving into the cellphone craze and getting Emilie one for her birthday. Gasp! I know. I regretted it a lot. Not just because it was a little irritating. In her excitement she would send me hundreds of voice notes, pictures and emoticons daily (after school). It was also a little scary. The mobile network we chose recycled numbers, so the number we had belonged to someone prior to us having it. Meaning she received strange calls at least once or twice a week.

q50 kids smart watch

With her being on Whatsapp it didn’t sit well with me at all, and although I was always blocking numbers and checking her phone. The fact that these random people, the whole world actually had access to my innocent 11 year old just freaked me out. So when she mentioned that she would like a funky watch for Christmas we did some research. Most of the smart watches were out of our price range so I was a little despondent.

Then I found the Q50 GPS Kids Smart Watch on Takealot retailing for just under R500 so I excitedly ordered it. I must admit it took me a few hours to figure out how everything worked but now that it’s all set up. My heart just breathes a little better and easier. So let’s get to the interesting stuff, the features!

The watch is operated with a sim card, and therefore needs data and airtime. I’m not yet sure about exactly how much it uses, but we didn’t buy much and it hasn’t run out yet (2 weeks in). An application is downloaded from Playstore onto said parents cellphone and the watch is completely controlled from there.

On the app you input safety numbers (up to 10) that can call your child’s watch. All other numbers are blocked. Your child can also call these numbers from her watch. It boasts a GPS tracker, which you can set to Geofencing your child when is playing outside for example so that once they move out of the allocated area you get a notification. Pretty cool and although the GPS isn’t 100% accurate in terms of exactly where she is, it’s super helpful. The app allows you to send voice notes to your child and for her to respond to you. You can also send a text but she cannot text back.

q50 kids smart watch

Safe? Yes! Serving the purpose? Yes. The watch is also pretty unsuspecting in terms of the look and feel definitely not like a smart watch. You also get notifications for SOS calls from the watch, when the watch is removed and when the battery is low. I love having that kind of access and peace of mind, and she really likes it obviously for different reasons.

The Q50 also has a daily alarm which can be set via the app, tracks steps and calories as well as sleep patterns (how much your child moves in there sleep). It has a “do not disturb” mode for school and a ring for when you can’t find the watch or the child in a small area. Should your child be at a friends house for the day – you can also load a history tracker and it will show you exactly where they have been in the desired time.

I love that you can get all this for a really affordable price!

Things I don’t love – the battery dies after about 8 hours depending on the setting. There is a follow setting where GPS tracker sends you information every minute, a normal setting with information every 10minutes and a power save mode which sends every hour. This is with the power save mode on. If the watch does switch off all your settings are lost – which sucks. Like I said previously the GPS isn’t 100% accurate so sometimes it’s a few houses or a street out in terms of where we are. If there is no network coverage, voice notes don’t go through or take a while.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, and I did not receive this product for review.

In the Meantime – It’s not perfect but 1000 times better than a cellphone with all the perks. What do you think? Is this something you would consider for your kids?


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    • YAY! Yeah, I think around 10-11 when there is a bit more responsibility and need to know where they are then it’s perfect time. I also wouldn’t have got it any younger.

    • You must please let me know how it works and the benefits – they are actually a lot better in terms of function that what I imagined seeing in advertised.

      • Before I had kids – back when I knew it all – I promised I would never use a harness on my kids because you know, they aren’t dogs! I stuck by that promise to myself but I used to see other people letting their kids walk around malls etc with their little harness on, happy, and there I was pushing the stroller with my kids crying and wriggling to get out!
        Now here I am thinking how I can possibly keep track of my two kids without actually micro-chipping them! lol I’m not a bad mom I promise, just an anxious and neurotic one!

  1. This looks like a great solution to the Cell phone problem. Mine is still a bit young for a cell phone, but we are going to wipe our eyes out and be there, researching this stuff. Great article. #Sabloggerscafe

    • Definitely and like I said to @Momof2lgs I think when the need is there, because they would probably break or lose it. But awesome to keep in mind and weigh up the different ones while you look around.

    • Totally when she is old enough! But I’m sure by then there will be soooo much more upgraded tech.. and more scary things to worry about. And to keep them safe too!

  2. Hi All,. I have set everything up but it says “device offline”. The app doesn’t seem to pickup the phone.
    Please help. 0723768831

    • I’m not sure then, that was a mistake we made. Sorry not wifi, there needs to be a good reception connection in order for the app to pick up the device. Perhaps try contacting them?

  3. The reception indicator / bars are full. When you say contact them, who are you referring to? Takealot?

    I loaded 250MB so surely that could not have run out.

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