Hey there! I’mΒ Vee. You want to know about my meantime? YAY!

Thank you for taking the time to sit down and have a look through my blog, that is so closely entwined with who I am. This blog was born from a need to share with people, the craziness that is my life. My over-analytical, over-thinking, crazy little brain needed an outlet. It is about the important stuff in my life and more than that, its about the unimportant stuff. The stuff that makes us crazy – the little things, that eventually make up our lives.

My hope is that when you read this blog it makes you feel less alone in your weaknesses – and that you can “Oh – me too” sometimes. That it makes you giggle and smile at the heartwarming posts, and feel sad with me at the heart-wrenching ones. More than anything I hope that this blogs moves you the same way that writing it moves me.Β To be better, to be grateful and just to love myself.

I blog about adulting – because honestly, being an adult is harder than I ever imagined it could be. Parenting – I am a mom of a pigeon pair 10 years apart (yeah I know great timing!).Β Blessed enough to be a step-mom to a gorgeous little girl. I also write about my marriage, cooking, my sister who has MS and reviews about things, places and products that I love.

I am honest and open so when reading the pages of my heart I hope you get to know who I am and that my stories can help you in some small way!

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