My little gogo is 5 months old today! YAY! We’ve made it 5 months, it was so daunting at first and now look at where we are. He is growing so beautifully and is such a blessing and light in our lives.

img_20161230_115808I find myself already reminiscing his younger days, going through older pictures of days and months before and just noticing all his changes.

This month has brought us the following milestones:

  • Daniel laughs (eeeeeccccckkkkkkkk), it is the most awesome sound to hear your baby laughing, and he laughs from the pit of his stomach. It’s a pretty quirky laugh, the kinda one that makes you want to smile too.
  • His babbling has gone from coo’s and gurgles to full on conversations with consonants (baaaaaaa, wooooooo, laaaaaaa, maaaaaa) and the pitch of his voice changes too. My phone is struggling to keep up with all the video’s.img_20170103_084624
  • He rolled over for the first time sometime just before he turned 4 months but has totally mastered the art now and rolls from back to tummy with ease. (Note: Tummy to back not so easy)
  • He has found his feet, which means he is touching and holding them all the time – we are just waiting for him to be able to put them into his mouth and suck those adorable toes lol!
  • HE SITS! Only for short periods and he basically looks like the leaning Tower of Pisa when he does..hey, everyone has to start somewhere right?

He weighs a full 7,8kgs and is still exclusively breastmilk fed. #boobiemonster

His sleep is getting better now after our 4 monthimg_20161223_095327 sleep regression which took us from sleeping right through the night in his Moses Crib to waking up 3-4 times a night in our bed.

When he is tired he starts singing to himself, which is just the sweetest thing, once you start singing he stops and falls asleep.

We didn’t get him too many presents at Christmas time, because he’s at a weird age where he’s not really playing with anything he’s only now discovering his rattles, and squeaky toys (which all go into his mouth anyway). We did however get him a baby-pool because summer this year is a killer and he absolutely loves water.

As he approaches 6 months I am in process of making him some sensory bottles which I will post about soon.

Daniel developed eczema around 10 weeks, which has flared up now with all the insane heat we have been having but we are managing it (still makes me sad to talk about this). And his reflux is like disappearing noticeably! HOOORAAAAYYYYY for no more vomit! 🙂

All in all, he is getting his little personality coming through and I am totally and completely enjoying every moment with him.


First smiles at 7 weeks – I just couldn’t resist!

In the meantime – what were your favourite months with your little bubs?




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