Creating a love for books has been my favourite part of having children. Seeing Emilie lost in a good book brings back so many good memories from when I, too, got lost in a world of imagination as a child. Daniel mimicking those behaviours brings me so much joy, knowing he is already establishing a love and respect for books at such a young age. So when Pan Macmillan sent us some books to review I was notably ecstatic!


In this beautifully illustrated book by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet. The creators of Supertato comes the personified “Cake”. Cake lives in a little house, in a town of yummy treats, with Fish – his pet. When Cake gets invited to a party, he can barely contain his excitement! Although he has never been to a party before he was sure about one thing – he was going to look dashing! After some debate with Fish on what he was to wear, they decided that he would go out and buy something.

Cake tried on several outfits… until he found the perfect one! Even the shop assistant Mr Penguin said he would be irresistible in it! He was – Cake nailed the look! When he arrived at the party, his nerves were wiped away by all the cheering! After all – “A party isn’t a party without CAKE!” Cake was having so much fun, there was games, laughter and dancing. But when the singing started… things went a little topsy turvy! The Happy Birthday song never sounded so dismal!


An absolutely enjoyable fun book that Ian and I read over and over to Daniel any time of the day. It’s the cutest thing when he fetches it and brings to one of us and says “lead book” (read book). With an ending that will make you giggle, Hendra & Linnet have done it again and will have you reading and re-reading this to your little ones!

To find out what happens to Cake, you can purchase this book online at Raru, Takealot, Exclusive Books. It retails at around R120-R150 per paperback. And is also available in hardcover.

Disclaimer: Pan Macmillan sent me this book, with no obligation to review – all thoughts and opinions of Cake are as always my own.

In the Meantime – what are your favourite reading books for your tots? Have you read Cake? Let me know in the comments.


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