Last week was a little crazy with some post-op hiccups, so the Picture Book Week I had started went a little off track. We are back though this week and I am feeling so much better! Today’s review is one of the WOW! Series books – of course our favourite is the Animal one. The rest of the series include: WOW Vehicles, WOW Your Body and WOW Dinosaurs! Daniel has an absolutely obsession with animals so this one is our favourite!

wow animals

A book filled with adventure, with no animal too big and no insect too insignificant! WOW Animals, takes you through the skies, the ocean, swamps and the jungle giving tidbits of really interesting facts. An interactive book that although there is not really a story all the animals have sections where they “talk” and ask questions, Ian and I of course always play along changing our voices to suit each animal.

Fun, and enticing the illustrations and bright pages of this book will have you oohing, aahing and giggling through out. It’s not the kind of book you want to read at bedtime, because it really does create lots of conversation around the facts. None the less it is a book we have read many times before bed – because our Daniel would not have it any other way.

wow animals

Definitely not a book you could get tired of reading with all the facts on each brightly coloured page! You are sure to learn something new every time you engage in this with your little one. If you have a budding vet or zoologist in your home this book is sure to enthrall them! This book is pitched for readers between 5-9 years and retails for R165 at online stores like

WOW! Animals – A book of Extraordinary Facts – Blurb!

WOW! This is an animal book like no other… How long can a sperm whale hold it’s breath underwater? Why are flamingos pink? Which bird is the rhino’s best friend? Be amazed by the answers to these questions and the incredible animal facts in this book. The fantastic illustrations on brightly coloured pages bring to life a crowd of animals, from the biggest whale to the tiniest hummingbird.

In the Meantime – Remember to check in to each of the articles as part of the Picture Book series! These will give you clues to enter the competition to win a book hamper from Pan Macmillan at the end of this week! Eeeccckkk!

wow animals

Disclaimer: This book was sent to us by PanMacmillan with no obligation to review.


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