Have you ever looked at the baby products on the market right now and just felt like your child (Who is not a baby anymore!) really missed out. I mean there is a gadget for every single thing you could think or imagine needing available. So many things that make life a ton easier. My advice? Have a baby – you could totally experience all those fantastic things over again! Like I did! (A baby 10years later – ha ha ha ha! I thought I was hilarious obviously!)

Grow with me walker

One of my favourite little items was a gift Daniel received at 7months when he started crawling. A walker! At this stage I had given up a lot of my dreams of being an all organic mom and had no false illusions that he would never watch TV etc., but I was still pretty adamant about him not using a walking ring. Daniel’s walker is still something that he doesn’t want to let go of because even after almost 2 years it’s still entertaining.

When Disney Baby made contact about giving a “Grow-with Me Minnie Musical Walker” away I was absolutely on board – not just because they are fantastic but because I truly loved this product for my own son. Also – who isn’t already having Christmas feelings right now with all the décor up in the malls?

Grow-with Me Musical Walker from Disney

The “Grow-With-Me Musical Walker” not only acts as a walking aid but it brings out all the musical talent and fun your child could possibly dream of! WARNING moms… noisy toy incoming! He he he! The things we endure for the entertainment of these little cuties!

grow with me walker

The Disney Baby walker is designed to keep your baby balanced while the wheels turn to initiate steps and the buffet of sensory items keep them entertained for hours. With a detachable cell phone – the absolute mandatory toy in today’s age, and a 5-note detachable piano keyboard for them to start making little musical notes and melodies. The keyboard also includes flashing lights, turning gears, a sliding melody button, a flop book and reflective mirror. The walker also has rattle spinners, spinning balls, animal’s sounds buttons and fun melody and sound effects. It’s the best fun your child can have while learning to walk!

Disney and Friends Shape Sorter

To really get us into the Christmas mood – Disney Baby has also given us a “Disney and Friends Shape Sorter” to give to a second winner! Aaccckkk!. These toys are educational and stimulative teaching your child problem solving skills, and helping them recognise colours and shapes. All the while increasing their self-esteem and showing them cause and effect. Both of these beautiful toys are age appropriate from 6 months all the way up to 3 years for hours of fun and learning!

grow with me walker

The Grow with Me Minnie Musical Walker retails at R899.99 is ideal for girls, Shape Sorter retails for R369.99 at all your leading toy stores! To win one of these fantastic gifts this festive season please follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.

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In the Meantime – Which of the above toys would you like to win for your baby/toddler?

44 Comments on Win a Disney Baby Hamper with Prima Baby!

  1. I would love to win the Shape Sorter. It would be perfect for my toddler and next little one due early next year. Great for their curious minds and development!

  2. The grow with me musical Minnie walker.

    I told her hubby the next baby will be getting everything the first didn’t. I feel like she missed out and now she’s older and all the stuff we didn’t get her she is attracted too lol.

  3. I would love to win the Disney Shape sorter for my little one – she loves Mickey and loves shape sorters so it would be perfect!

  4. I would love to win the grow with me walk for my little one. She is 7 months old and I am also not a fan of a walking ring so she does not have one. I feel they are dangerous, but anyways.. This help me grow walker is amazing I’ve seen so much posts about little ones with their walkers and I just have to have one for her she would enjoy it so much.

  5. I would love the Disney Grow with me walker for my little guy that’s on the way! I’m sure it would provide hours of fun!


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