Even writing out this title gives me a sense of shame. We bought teething mixture. I had heard a lot about teething mixture before we had bought it. Good things from moms who had used it previously and some scary things from moms who would just never do that to their child! It was this conflict, that had made me so embarrassed to even consider this mixture. There is so much information out there, so much judgement, so many people guilt tripping you on how you should be raising your children.

teething mixture

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Teething mixture sold by most pharmacies is a mixture that generally is different per pharmacy. An unmarked bottle that they put together while you wait. When asked what it contained the pharmacist rambled off some things – he knew what was in there and he was giving it to me. Right? But it wasn’t in an approved medication and he wasn’t a doctor. What do you do when this has adverse reactions? The scariest part though was that the instructions had an extremely small dosage per 8hrs. So scary that I told myself driving home that day that I was just going to keep it for in case.

The kind of in the back of the fridge for 2am when there is no one to see me in case.

We did end up using it twice. Desperate times, I’d like to say. It makes me feel better to explain that we hadn’t slept in over a week. That Daniel was in incredible pain, even that our usual go to had been removed from the market and we honestly didn’t know what to do anymore. Hubby and I were fighting with one another, cranky and our home life was just not okay. These are not excuses (or maybe they are), but they led me to a place where I got off my “I won’t be that parent” high horse and did what I could to try to alleviate the situation.

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teething mixture

So I did it. I didn’t sleep well that evening because I kept checking for adverse effects. The feeling of absolute disappointment in myself also didn’t leave me. Disappointed, because I wasn’t stronger, that sleep, stress and worry had pushed me to drop some silly standard I had. Kind of like when Daniel was born and I promised to cook every single one of his meals, that he would eat only organic food and never have any sweets. Unrealistic much? I didn’t dare tell anyone either – just because I was so ashamed.

I’ve come to realise months later, there honestly isn’t a right and wrong when it comes to you children. There are preferred methods that have been proven to have better results in the long term. Advice, is all anyone else can ever give you. Ultimately though – you mama, are the only one who has to face your life, your kids and your choices. So whether it is dropping those high hopes you have, because it will make life a little easier or going the unfavourable route. It’s not embarrassing to be tired, or to be absolutely and completely at your wits end.

It’s motherhood – and it’s your journey, there are no perfect parents. Only real ones. I hope that if you are feeling a little mom guilt about something you’ve done that made you feel like a failure, you feel a little better because – me too!

In the Meantime – I thought writing this down would make me feel a little better about using teething mixture. Maybe I’m trying to justify it, or maybe I’m just shinning the light into the darkness and saying – so what?

Teething Mixture

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  1. I used teething mixture with Aidan and honestly didn’t know there was even a stigma, but kaantie ppl can find issues with everything…do you boo, Daniel is lucky to have you

  2. I remember going and getting teething mix for Joshua (or Addison??)…Bennetts teething mix (or am I thinking of colic meds??) or something I think??? The pharmacist looked at me and flat out refused to give it to me. Told me there are horrible things in it and and and….. I left feeling so embarrassed and like such a bad mom. Had no idea up to that point. I went to google and then discovered that there was codeine in the mix and basically it was like giving crack cocaine to my kid. I was on my high horse for 1.5 kids I think…. I am sure I eventually gave teething mixture…or maybe even straight up Stilpayne (the product in the teething mix) …..and my kids are all alive and well. So it’s all good. Lol. You know today I am not that mom!

    • They make one feel so incompetent.. yep it’s the addiction aspect I believe that has people scared of it. LOL thanks for always being supportive πŸ™‚ #tribe

  3. When they are teething, all rules go out the window. It is a horrid time for them (and you) and you need to do what works for you. Good luck. Remember… this to shall pass… one day… πŸ™‚ #sabloggerscafe

  4. We all do what we have to do to survive this parenting journey. At the end of the day we all just do what works for us. You would never put your child in danger and you were doing what was needed. No judgment!

  5. I used the Baltic Amber Teething necklace and Nurofen πŸ˜‚ Each to their own, never feel bad about YOUR decision for YOUR child x

  6. Please don’t beat yourself up like this. I can relate to the mom guilt in a big way but with different kinds of things. We are all so different. I’ve never even heard of teething mixture but I really enjoyed this post. Apart from feeling a bit sad with empathy for unjustified guilt. It gets the better of all of us sometimes. Xxx

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